Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vicksburg's "Architectural Gold"

The beautiful historic town of Vicksburg, Mississippi, is a treasure trove of what I call “architectural art.” It's everywhere … in windows and doors, columns, statues and monuments, houses, both great and small, and churches.  I have captured hundreds of pictures of these architectural wonders, and would like to share a few photos which I enhanced with Photoshop.  I call this collection "Architectural Gold."
Bloom Fountain, with
Old Court House Museum in Background
Columns, Old Feld House, ca 1913
The Golden Eagle atop the Illinois State Memorial
Vicksburg National Military Park
Old Court House Museum
  St. Paul Catholic Church
 Old Depot
First Presbyterian Church of Vicksburg
Church of the Holy Trinity
Sisters of Mercy Convent

I never tire of capturing Vicksburg's architectural treasures.  I invite you to join me next time to see some of the houses that line the streets of our neighborhoods.  From magnificent antebellum mansions to tiny cottages, they are all richly steeped in the history of Vicksburg ... and some have battle scars to prove it.