Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Traditions: A Christmas Chain

Two Christmases ago our granddaughter Avery (who was two at the time) and I made a paper chain for our Christmas tree. I used heavy construction papers in pastel pink, green, and white and cut them into strips about an inch-and-a-half wide by about 9" long, and Avery and I glued them together to make our chain. I wrote the date on one of the links and we hung the chain on the tree ...

Avery was so pleased with it, and I decided we would start a new tradition and add to our chain every Christmas.

Last year, we used double-sided scrapbook paper for our chain. We used Elmer's Washable School Glue which is great to use with little ones. It's purple and in stick form and is easy to wash off hands and doesn't stain clothes.

Avery loved the gluing part and did several links by herself ...

We got a little carried away and our
chain ended up being about 15 feet long!

Next, we linked the two chains
together and hung them on the tree ...

What started out as just a fun project, has become a tradition for Avery and me, and yesterday, we made our chain for this Christmas.

I wanted to use Christmas-patterned scrapbook paper, but both of the scrapbook shops close to me have closed (a sign of the state of the economy these days, I guess, which is sad). We went to Wal-Mart instead and I let Avery pick out the paper for our chain herself. Also, for some reason the glue didn't work as well this time, so we used scotch tape which worked great.

I love traditions and think they are important for children, and this is such a fun tradition for little ones (and for mommies and grandmamas, too!). I hope to continue it for as many years as we can, and perhaps one day, she will want to share it with her children.

I created a slide show as a keepsake of some pictures I took of Avery as she worked on the chain yesterday. You can click on the "play" button if you would like to see it, and be sure your sound is turned up if you'd like to hear the music.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow:


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Janie, this is adorable and a GREAT idea! Loved seeing this. And Avery Grace looked so precious in all the shots. Loved her concerntrating so hard. LOL! And those cute pigtails. And the look of satisfaction when she finished! Great show! Beautiful tree, too.


Sheila :-)

Judy said...

What a precious way to make memories with little Avery....I'm sure she will never forget this time spent with you. I think I'm going to steal your idea and do this next year with the twins. A few weekends ago we kept them overnight and cut and pasted Thanksgiving turkeys using paper plates, colorful cottonballs and squiggy eyes. They had so much fun and I found those eyes all over the house after they left. Now all Jackson talks about is spending the night with MiMi and Pop!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Donna said...

This brings back so many memories. My girls and I would always made chains on Dec. 1 and take one off each day until Christmas arrived. Then they knew how many days before Santa came.
We also made a gingerbread house each year and they loved decorating it with all kinds of Christmas candies. As they got older each year it would be prettier. They would often laugh at the first houses they decorated...oh but what sweet memories.
Thanks for sharing.

D said...

Hi, Janie,
What a wonderful, fun thing for you to do with Avery. Her hair is so shiny and cute!


Jeannette said...

Morning Janie! Just adorable; the chain too!lol It's fun to see how much she has changed over the last year! This is such a great idea I wish I thought of it when my daughter was little but it's in my mind now for future little ones! I have to go see what else you've been up to. Have a great week dear - Sincerely, Jeannette

Deb said...

what a fun tradition....she will remember for the rest of her life...