Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Lagniappe

My husband and I picked up our granddaughter Avery Grace yesterday, and drove out to our land to see if we had any Purple Martins in our martin house (not yet), and these are just a few of the pictures I took while we were there.

It didn't take Avery long to pick a bouquet of Jonquils to take to her mommy.

And next to picking flowers, one of life's
simple pleasures is throwing rocks in the lake!

And one of Avery's Grandmama's simple pleasures is exploring with my camera, and out of the thousands of jonquils we have on our land, I found two little clumps of Narcissus ...

These exquisite little wildflowers (violets?) were everywhere ...

It was a beautiful day and we loved spending part of it with Avery. She's growing up so fast (she'll be SIX in May), and we treasure sweet moments like these with her.


racheld said...

How sweet the day, and the company, and the posies. I've no idea of the name of those small ones, though I've seen them on roadsides and in fields and all over my yard forever.

They seem to be painted with a fairy-brush, each little petal-stroke applied JUST SO, and the upright little stems seeking the sun. They could even be just-painted, drying still and upright, whilst the artist-fairy peeps out from just out of sight.

Their leaves are more linear than those of the violet family---those are little little roundy-doundy fellows, like furls of land-locked lilypads. I'm READY for some violets out in the FairyDell, and some the bright punch of some dan-deal-yuns, as well. Those and Jonquils are the definite colors of Spring.

What a trove of True Lagniappe you're discovering at your new home! Lovely.

Tonja said...

Avery looks so grown up standing there smelling the flowers, and then just a little more 'little girly' throwing the rocks! Just on the cusp, isn't she?

Love all the flowers. So beautiful, and always perfectly landscaped when done strictly by nature!

Deb said...

wow six already...great photos...I bet it was a fun day for all