Friday, August 17, 2012

A Journey Back in Time

I've always thought that sepia-toned pictures evoke a sense of "going back in time," and today I'm featuring a few pictures from my "Sepia Collection." The pictures were originally in color, and I converted them to sepia with a little help from my Photoshop Elements program.

The scenes were captured during my ramblings in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

Mississippi Delta

Leiper's Fork, Tennessee

Cotton Field near Vicksburg, Mississippi

St. Peters and Royal Streets, French Quarter, New Orleans

"Under the Hill," Natchez, Mississippi

Rodney, Mississippi

Crystal Springs, Mississippi

Canton, Mississippi

Learned, Mississippi

Mighty Mississippi River at Vicksburg

And last, but not least ... the hauntingly beautiful Windsor Ruins near Port Gibson, Mississippi ...

I hope you enjoyed this little journey "back in time," courtesy of just a little "photoshopping." I wish it was that easy to really go back in time, don't you.


racheld said...

I swear, I cannot get it out of my head that people LIVED in those sepia tones, and had no clothes but tan.

Take picture #1, and imagine an immense looping vine of Wisteria around that tree, hanging from the limbs a bit, and a great swoop of it down on the left about four feet off the ground. The vine is the size of a muscular man's arm, with swells of muscle and the strength of iron.

That's where I began my love affair with trains, that vine, standing up on it like about to loop-the-pole in a playground swing. Especially the that-time-of-day trains, when the Six-Forty-Four stopped for a few minutes, exactly at the space and height for me to see into the bright dining car. Better than any movie ever made.

The Flower Lady's Husband said...

Many evocative photographs! Does anyone ever you ask why you're taking pictures of deserted churches and ramshackle buildings?

Dorothy said...

Great collection of sepia tone pics. It really does feel like going back in time!