Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sweet Summer Rain

We were blessed with a little lagniappe yesterday in the form of a refreshing rainstorm, complete with thunder and lightning.  I was so happy to see the rain that I didn't mind the stormy part, and ventured out on the porch to try to capture some pictures of the rain.  I was disappointed in most of the pictures, but saved this one because you can see the drops hitting the water in our pond, which I think is kind of neat.

We needed the rain, and after the storm moved through, everything looked so pretty and fresh and COOL.  Well, it wasn't COOL, but it was definitely a few degrees cooler than it had been before the rain ... and that was nice.

Here are a few pictures I captured (after the rain went away) of our Crape Myrtles and a Begonia in a hanging basket near our porch ...  

They looked so pretty after their rain bath, as if their petals were sprinkled with diamonds.

I love the fringe of raindrops clinging to the Crape Myrtle blossoms ...

[If you would like to get a closer look, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them]

There's nothing like a summer rain shower to lift your spirits and refresh the world around you.  I hope your world will be blessed with one soon ... if you need it.


racheld said...

There's nothing NOT to like about a Summer rain---from the first soft drops polka-dot perfuming the dust, as the clouds gather over and promises keep, to the standing-in-the-middles-we-sure-needed-that, to a frog-strangler and gully-washer that clears away the mental/moral cobwebs.

From beneath a porch, a tin roof (I did tell you I have a #2 galvanized tub upended outside our bedroom windows, just for the sound effects?), or best memory: Sprawled on the maybe 2-inch-deep "spare mattress" pulled from the rafters of the "fruit house" full of canned stuff in jars, thrown on the floor right in front of the open door, with the scent of dry straw and sleepy hens through the adjoining wall, and a copy of Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes in hand---Kid Heaven.

How I so want to use that first crepe myrtle in my header sometime! It's Summer in the South, all in one drop-studded image. You just bring it ALL.

love and,


Pat said...


What beautiful flowers and photos. Love the photo of the rain drops in your pond ... There truly is so much beauty all around and you capture it so nicely.

Pat in Tallahassee

beth said...

I love those photos :D