Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Touch of Fall

Even though it's still summertime here in Mississippi, with temperatures in the 90s and the high humidity making it feel even more uncomfortable, Fall has made an appearance inside our house.   I've been puttering and arranging and RE-arranging my fall decor all week, and yesterday I pronounced it DONE.

I'd like to share some of my creations, starting with the baskets on our front doors ...

Wreath on our porch door ...

I've had this grapevine wreath for several years and have just added to it each year.  Last year I added the little owls you can see perched in the top left corner ... and this year, I added the three stems of wheat.

Just inside the porch door is the breakfast area ...

The arrangement on the table is a battered flea-market-find copper pitcher holding some "Brown-Eyed Susans" which I've had for years. 

In the background you can see my old Welsh Dresser which I found in an antiques shop in Shreveport, Louisiana, several years ago.  It is one of my favorite things to decorate for the different seasons, and, after much arranging and re-arranging by my mother and me, I'm finally pleased with the way it came together ...

The only new addition is the arrangement of cotton branches in the white crock.

Next comes the dining room, which is a little more formal than the breakfast area.  

My mother and I created the centerpiece on the table from materials I've had for years.  The birds were a flea market find from many years ago.

The dining room opens onto the living area, which is an eclectic mix of fairly new pieces of furniture and a few antique pieces.

The vases and yellow wildflowers on the mantel are new additions for this Fall.

I love the yellow flowers which, I think, add a little touch of sunshine to the mantel.

And speaking of sunshine, these bright and cheerful Brown-Eyed Susans brighten a small hallway outside the master bedroom.  The picture is one I captured of an old building in the French Quarter in New Orleans ...

I hope you are enjoying decorating for Fall at your house, wherever you may be.  I envy those of you who are actually enjoying Fall OUTside, too!


Dot said...

Your home is beautiful and I love your decorating style. Thank you for sharing.

Richard Cottrell said...

Looks like you are ready. I noticed our farm stand had some pumpkins here already too.I can not do it yet. I have a Birthday Party booked at My Old Historic House on October 1st and they say they would like a fall table, so closer to that date I'll pull something together. Your home is lovely and ready for fall, I hope it is a beautiful one in Mississippi.Richard and Sissy

Marlene said...

Your fall decorating is gorgeous, like a magazine, but I surely know that there is a lot of love in that home!

Beth said...

Oh, how beautiful it all is! I know you will enjoy this until it is time to put up the Christmas decorations!

Churaipon Chintakanont Klaijumlang said...

Thank you for sharing. You did a really nice job. Have a nice weekend.

racheld said...

The warmth of YOU just shines golden in every scene. What a glowing welcome, so cheerful and so elegant, all at once.

I enjoy seeing your wonderful lovelies, so treasured and kept secure, continuing the seasons in a smooth, familiar transition. I feel as if I'm stepping right back into a wonderful, welcoming place of comfort and calm.

And I ADORE the little owls, with their wild haircuts, like wonderful little living brooms granting entrance.

The last picture-of-a-picture is the only surprise---such sparing use of your own photos, for I'd have your glorious work on every available wall, like tiles on a mosaic.

So beautiful, and so YOU.

love and,


racheld said...

PS It IS Fall outside right now, with 60 degrees and scurrying leaves underfoot (from the continuous two months of NO RAIN). Windows and doors open, and mighty clouds overhead---please, oh, please.

love and,


Stacey said...

I always love to see shots of your beautiful home! You really know how to make it pretty and homey. That vine around the front door always stops me in my tracks!

Pat said...


I love the way your home looks so natural; not like you tried to decorate. All of the little Fall touches are so inspiring.

My favorite is the Dining Room arrangement ... it is so pretty!

Very pretty pictures as always...thanks for the inspiration.

Pat in Tallahassee