Friday, May 2, 2014

Primrose Time

This time of year, the interstates and highways of the South are lined with all kinds of wildflowers, and my favorite wildflowers here in Mississippi are the little pink "buttercups," with their dainty pink petals gracefully nodding in the wind on the roadsides and in the medians.

I've always called them "buttercups," but just discovered via Google Images, that their "scientific" name is Oenothera speciosa.  They are also known as Pink Evening Primrose, Showy Evening Primrose, Mexican Evening Primrose, Showy Primrose, Pink Ladies, and Pink Buttercups.

Whatever they're called, I love these happy little flowers and wish I could grow some in my yard.  I tried "transplanting" a clump one time and they immediately wilted and died.  I guess that's why they're called wildflowers.

They are truly exquisite up close ...
I love the shadows cast on the petals in the next two pictures ...
I hope you are enjoying the wildflowers along your roadways, wherever you live.  They don't bloom for very long ... but, oh, how they brighten these fleeting days of Spring.

Come May, sweet May, with all thy bloom,
Thy fragrant breezes, azure skies,
Come quickly to the waiting earth,
And bid its bidden treasures rise.
Give us again the song of birds,
The scent of blossoms on the air,
The rustle of the growing grass,
The dainty primrose, sweet and fair.

From "Primrose Time"
By Mary Dow Brine (1816-1913)


Pat said...


You captured the joys of the beautiful roadside wildflowers so perfectly. The photos are so sharp and beautiful.

How blessed we all are with the beauty all around us and you capture it so nicely. Thank you for sharing.

Pat in Tallahassee

Dorothy said...

Beautiful little wildflowers! They will thrive is the very worst conditions!

Tonja said...

I love the way you see to the very 'soul' of flowers. And because you do, we see what we may never have noticed! Thank you! I never knew these were called primroses...but I have always heard that name. Beautiful!