Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Fall


Stacey said...

Just yesterday I was wondering about you. :)

racheld said...

And to you, too, Sweetpea!! I just said that very thing in notes to friends in Hungary, and one in Scotland, all whom have taken a likin' to the Y'all part.

Hope all is well and beautiful (your world remains eternally so, to me, captured in a panorama of color and light and bright beautifuls, as if you live in a magical ViewMaster, or inside an exquisitely-changing Kaleidoscope) where you are.

The air is like smooth water on your skin here, and not much color on the leaves, but a promise of soon, soon, for the nights are COOL with just the most delicious whisper of the neighbours' fireplace through the screens. Days are delicious, and we're in Autumn mode, though the house does not reflect any of that putting-away and battening down yet. Wish the wind could magically blow through and bring the season's CHANGE to this dusty, cluttery house.

Must get to it---Sis and DBIL will be here in two weeks, and it's time to get ready!

love from HERE,


racheld said...

I've meant to tell you that I finally had my blog printed into a series of books---five in all, so far, with the first bit from 2008 in with the next year.

They're really beautiful, though I went the more-economical route of having the pictures "small" size, lending a squint to the reading. I just wanted to get my words all on paper, somewhere, instead of trusting they would magically appear on screen any time I tuned in.

I hated to spend so much, when I could have just printed out page after page here at home, but just having the beautiful copies in my hands---I could not imagine how that might feel.

love and,