Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Heralding Fall

Although the foliage here in Mississippi hasn't started turning yet, there are a few signs along the roadsides heralding the arrival of Fall.  I recently ventured off the beaten path in hopes of capturing some of those signs with my camera, and wasn't disappointed.

My first stop was at a beautiful cotton patch not far from Vicksburg.  It was a perfect day, and puffy white clouds against the brilliant blue September sky looked as if they were reflecting the tufts of white cotton from the fields below.  

Here are a few more pictures I captured of the fields and fence rows of the countryside around Vicksburg.

I hope you're enjoying the arrival of Fall wherever you are, and can take the time to really appreciate God's glory up close and personal.


racheld said...

How absolutely stunning, each and every one---you always seem to have been standing right out my front door back in the Delta, looking at that vast sky over the cotton fields.

And I SWEAR, I haven't lost QUITE all of my mind yet. Guess I was so excited over the books, I wanted to share it with you TWICE. Thank you for such sweet words---I truly recommend that company (yours with full-size pictures, whereas I opted for the small, because mine are mostly WORDS).

love and,


racheld said...

PS I think "God's Glory Up Close" would be a fantastic title.

Carolyn said...

I love the cotton fields! I missed my yearly visit so I am so glad you shared.