Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hello, Sunshine!

After several days of heavy rains and stormy weather, the sun made a welcome appearance in Vicksburg today. I walked around our yard this afternoon and was delighted to see my Louisiana Swamp Irises blooming.  I guess they felt right at home in our soggy flowerbed.



Stacey said...

Beautiful! Would love to see the sun here too. :)

Dorothy said...

Beautiful pictures of your Iris. My sister has yellow ones that are blooming.

racheld said...

Amongst your other legendary photographic talents, you can capture a GLOW more beautifully than anyone I've ever seen.

I swear, you must positively walk around in a bright aura of sunbeams, ready to place them at will for most stunning effect. At least, that's how I always picture you---in the BRIGHT of things.

love and,


HA! You'll appreciate that I typed BUNBEANS above---but they're way better than beans in your eye.

Pat said...

Janie such beautiful photos.

Thanks for taking us on a walk around your yard/garden....A little bit of heaven.

Pat in Tallahassee