Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Colors of Autumn

 Benjamin Moore's extensive collection of paint colors will never come close to rivaling God's glorious seasonal palettes. I'm going to let the following colors from His "Fall Palette" speak for themselves ...

 Trumpet Vine Orange
 Goldenrod Gold
Pokeweed Purple
Summer and Fall Mix

Swamp Sunflower Yellow
Poison Ivy Red
 Wildflower Magenta
 Sage Grass Rust
Milo Rust
Cotton Boll White
October Sky Blue 
Bronze Leaf
 Tallow Fire
Tallow Red
Gingko Gold
Elephant Ear Rust
Spider Lily Red
Roadside Yellow
 Leaf Potpourri 
Pumpkin Orange
Blue Ridge Mountain Berry Blue
Croton Orange 
Cypress Rust

I hope you are enjoying the splendor of God's Fall Palette where you live, and can take some time this weekend to take a drive in the country to see it at its most glorious.