Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tattered Wings

It almost landed on me as I knelt on the ground planting Petunias in a planter.  It continued to flutter around me, and I stopped to watch as the beautiful yellow Swallowtail drifted toward the profusion of Azaleas in full bloom planted nearby.   

I abandoned my Petunias and hurried inside to get my camera.  As I looked through the long lens, I saw that the butterfly’s wings were torn and tattered, as if it had just arrived after a long journey from wherever butterflies go in the winter.  

The wind was gusting around us and it seemed as if the butterfly was having a hard time staying in place.  It went from bloom to bloom, tasting the nectar deep within the petals, as I followed him through my lens.  I was hoping to get a good shot of his wings spread, but he kept them closed as he struggled against the wind.



Storms moved through our area last night, and I wonder what happened to my little butterfly friend.  I would like to think that it found shelter from the heavy rains and wind, and will come back to visit me again sometime.  I'll be watching for it.