Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bring Me Purple Pansies

O give me not red roses,
That early dews have wet!
They speak to me of kisses
That are remembered yet.
O bring me not white roses,
That summer winds have drest!
For once I placed white roses
Upon a quiet breast.

But bring me purple pansies ...
If so you wish to please ...
For them I have affection ...
For pansies are "heart's ease."

— Louisa Cooke Don-Carlos

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Ugly Duckling Tree

I was delighted when I came across this tree recently while rambling around Vicksburg.  I couldn't resist stopping to capture it with my camera.

I had never seen one of these trees and after doing a little research, I discovered that it is called a "Chinese Pistache" tree. Known as the “Ugly Duckling” of the tree world, the Chinese Pistache starts out as an unattractive and misshapen young tree but grows into a magnificent specimen. It is a tough tree that can withstand urban conditions and is commonly used in dry landscaping. This tree is popular in California and is often put to use as the understock for commercial pistachio growers.

From a distance it is magnificent, but up close its gorgeous orange leaves and clusters of red berries are truly breathtaking.


Click on the following link if you’d like to know more about this magnificent tree.