Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bring Me Purple Pansies

O give me not red roses,
That early dews have wet!
They speak to me of kisses
That are remembered yet.
O bring me not white roses,
That summer winds have drest!
For once I placed white roses
Upon a quiet breast.

But bring me purple pansies ...
If so you wish to please ...
For them I have affection ...
For pansies are "heart's ease."

— Louisa Cooke Don-Carlos


Beth said...

Lovely! The water droplets give the pansies a sweet touch!

RachelD said...

What a delightful moment to wake to this last-day-of-the-year! Don't know how I've missed it so long.

The quiet grace of the flowers, the dewdrops sealed for time like diamonds, the sunshine of a Summer Day on this cloudy morning---you know exactly the spell to cast. I've thought of you often this blessed season, my Dear Friend, and wish us closer, wish us in contact like we used to be, and wish you the very best of everything as you celebrate and enjoy with your Lovies.

Give my very best to your Norm and Avery and all your other dear ones, and a big Grandma hug for YOU, to last you all through this promising, bright New Year!