Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lotus Blossoms

My friend Marty, who is a professional photographer here in Vicksburg, recently told me that I needed to go to a lake near Port Gibson, Mississippi, to see the Lotus blossoms in bloom. Port Gibson is about 30 miles South of Vicksburg, and my husband and I drove down Saturday. It was, indeed, a sight to behold.

I hope you will click here to see Marty's breathtaking photos of his visit to the lake. It's always interesting to see things you have photographed from someone else's perspective, and Marty has a truly awesome eye for capturing God's glory.

Here are some of my pictures of the Lotus blossoms. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them, if you'd like.

I'm not sure what kind of bird he is, but I loved this little "lily pad walker."

I didn't see the spider under this bloom, until I was editing the picture.

And last, but not least, this is a formidable sight that can be seen for miles around the lake.

It's the cooling tower for the Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant, and it was an eerie feeling to be so close to it.

While I was close to Port Gibson, I captured some pictures of a few of the beautiful old homes there and will share them in a post later this week.

If you would like to see more of my photos, I invite you to visit my new blog called Photography with a Southern Accent.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Thanks for coming by the Back Porch Janie!

These photos are amazing!

I know what you mean about the cooling tower. The Callaway plant is along our route to the lake. I never pass there without glancing over. Eerie is a good description.

Stacey said...

Your flower photos are glorious!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Eerie is a good word for it, it seems so out of place there.
The blooms are beautiful

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Janie, your lotus flower close ups are exquisite!

I'd be nervous near that nuclear power plant. I'm not sure I like them.

Beth at Aunties said...

Spectacular photos. I bet it was fun playing with your Macro lens. I loved them all... You truly are an exceptional and gifted photographer.:-)

Lady Katherine said...

The photo's are lovely. Yesterday we were going across the reservoir, I always forget the camera. The lotus pod are turned brown and how I would love to jump in and picked some. I had a florist years ago, and paid big bucks for the pods, and there they are all ready to be picked. lol I would have jumped in but I seen alligators in the water around them many many times. lol