Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just Pictures

Cypress Trees, West Monroe, Louisiana

Vicksburg National Military Park Cemetery

Church Bell, Raymond, Mississippi

Sisters of Mercy Garden Statue, Vicksburg

Soaking up the Sunshine, Vicksburg

Rusty Window, Vicksburg

Cross at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg

Urn at Cemetery on Natchez Trace

Church near Port Gibson, Mississippi

Barn near Lake Providence, Louisiana

Rocking Chair at Cotton Processing Plant, Louisiana Delta

Chimney near Bovina, Mississippi

Dogwood branches, Vicksburg, Mississippi

Old Church in Mississippi Delta

Barn and Silos near Rolling Fork, Mississippi

Mississippi Roots

Bumblebee on Chaste Plant


racheld said...

Churches and bells and trees with knees---you do know how to find the images of Home.

I love the old cross tilting with time and tree-roots---a true depiction of "to dust ye shall return."

But the Mississippi Roots mirror my own in an uncanny fashion---they're long and reaching, but not quite anchored as they once were, with a lot of uncovered, unfettered branches to them. I know I'm HOME here, but the tippytoes of my roots are still clinging to those last holds on that black Delta Gumbo.

Perhaps someday my clinging grip on Delta soil will let go, and the tree will topple, but not yet. Not yet.

Tonja said...

I commented over at Lawn Tea:

Actually, I think you (Rachel) and you(Southern Lady) make a great team! You both capture images...and share them with us. There is so much beauty to be seen in this world, and so many words to tell about it. But, not everyone has a 'love of the language'...and not everyone can 'see' through the lens of a camera. You two inspire me!

I love the tree roots...those are amazing...and the urn in the cemetary...very soul stirring!
Thank you!

Laurey said...

Always enjoy your beautiful pictures but especially the Louisiana cypress trees....I'm from LA and that photo made me think of home!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lovely shots, Janie. Perfection in print.

I want that kitty. He looks like my Baby Wheatie who disappeared years ago. I'm surprised that Gordon hasn't taken it home. ;-)



Barbara said...

Janie, I have been missing your beautiful pictures. Since we just spent the weekend in La. I really can appreciate some to the pictures.

Hope you are doing great!


ForeverMe said...

Your pictures are just gorgeous. If I had to vote on just ONE though, I personally would choose the urn. The lights and shadows and leaves give me such a mellow feeling looking at it. It reminds me of so many stories in the Bible: when Jesus turned the water into wine; when the widow gathered urns (vases if you will) from all her neighbors and the oil never ran out until she ran out of urns! When the Mary poured the precious ointment out to annoint the feet of Jesus and then wiped them with her hair and the scent had to fill the entire room. Keep taking these pictures! One day you will be famous! And on one last note: I can smell the Magnolia when I look at the picture of the blossom at the bottom of the page! your pictures inspire! You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words! Take care my Friend!

Merisi said...

Thank you for this wondrous journey through autumn in your parts of the world! The image of the cypress tress in West Monroe could have been painted by an old master, so beautifully captured.