Thursday, November 5, 2009

Louisiana Lagniappe

I spent a couple of days this week with my parents at their home in West Monroe, Louisiana, and, of course, had my cameras with me. While I was there, I captured these pictures of the lake behind their house.

The lake has a lot of cypress trees surrounding it and the lichen-covered cypress "knees" remind me of little statues wading out into the water (you can click on the photos to enlarge them, if you'd like).

I think the trunks of the cypress trees are interesting, too -- they have so much character.

And speaking of "lichen," I'm not sure what kind this is, but isn't it pretty!

Leaves were falling all around me as I took pictures, and I thought these in the water were especially pretty.

And these, resting at the base of a cypress tree ...

Back in April, Mama and Daddy planted a little grapefruit tree, and proudly showed me its three little grapefruits.

They're still green, but should be ready to eat soon.

My sweet Aunt Jane came by to see me while I was there, and brought me this beautiful lemon from her lemon tree she bought in Florida years ago.

She said her tree had 16 lemons on it last year. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that!


racheld said...

Memory Lane with my first cup---the mossy spikes with the pinkish tips---it's as if the wood grows faster than the covering, and peeks out.

Though my first thought was that some little creature had come by and rubbed the moss away, like a kitty will "love" something by rubbing it beneath its chin. I can see a whole flock of beavers, not chewing, but merrily humming their necks across the handy scratching-posts.

And the fruit always amazes me, since I've seen so few citrus trees---in some cultures, the gift of fruit MUST have leaves attached, to signify the freshness of the offering, and Life itself.

Tonja said...

If you didn't know where this was, it could be some 'other world'. I am reminded of the scene in Return Of The of the Star Wars Trilogy. I raised 3 boys and all 3 of them went thru the Star Wars Phase. Yoda comes slowly out of the swampy world in which he lives. Of course, in HIS world...all sorts of strange creatures live under the water.
Just the snakes that live in and around the swamps are scary enough for me.
Anyway...your pictures are beautiful, as usual! Love the knees!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how I love Louisiana, Janie, and of course, you captured its beauty perfectly. I love what you see with the eye of your camera. It's always lovely.


Sheila :-)

Colleen said...

Beautiful pictures! I live right outside of West Monroe and have a daughter that lives in Monroe. We are still watching the Ouachita River. I am sure you saw how high it is during your visit. Glad you had a nice time with your family!

Donna said...

Gorgeous pictures! I know you had a great time visiting your family.
I love the cypress trees - oh, I just love it all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! I've told you before I love trees but these are now my favorites! They are way too cool!! What a picture; I couldn't decide if it was spooky at first but then I decided on beautiful and fascinating! Your parents' grapefruit tree is adorable; it would be a shame to pick the fruit!lol and lemons I just think are pretty!(love that plate too!) Hope you have a fantastic weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette