Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Creek Runs Through It

Life Changes

My husband and I have always wanted to build a house on a lake, and at this stage in our lives we figured it's "now or never." After spending a couple of months in search of the perfect place to build our house, and after considering several options, we came across what we think is as close to perfect as we can find.

This past week we closed on the purchase of a 5.5-acre lot on a lake in Madison County, Mississippi, which is north of Jackson. There were three key factors which helped us make our decision:

Location, Location, Location! It is located about 20 minutes away from where our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter Avery Grace live (versus an hour from Vicksburg, which is where we currently live);

The 80-acre lake is a "trophy bass lake." Of course, my husband was sold from the start when he heard those three little words ... trophy bass lake; and

The lot is covered with huge old hardwood trees, and it even has lagniappe in the form of a creek running through it. Now, I ask you, can it get any better than that?

My husband always tells me to be careful what I wish for, because I just might get it. I have to admit it's scary, and building a house is always stressful (this will be our fourth) ... but I couldn't be happier, and look forward to the experience of not just building a house, but building a new life style for us and our family.

I plan to chronicle our "journey," and have created a new blog especially for that purpose called, "A Creek Runs Through It."

In the meantime, I'd like to share a few pictures of our new "sanctuary." Perhaps you'll be able to see why it was love at first sight.

View of the lot taken from the road looking back toward the lake, which doesn't show in this picture.

This picture was taken standing in the middle
of the lot looking back toward the lake.

The Creek

Sanctuary Lake,
also known as the "Trophy Bass Lake"

The next three pictures are panoramas I created. You can click on the images to enlarge them, if you'd like. The first shows the house site.

View of what will be our "front yard"

View of future "back yard"

I'm looking forward to our house-building adventure, and I think that word describes it perfectly. According to Webster's, the word adventure is defined as: (1) An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks; (2) An exciting or remarkable experience; (3) An enterprise involving financial risk. If you've ever built a house, you know that the experience includes one, if not all, of those factors at one time or another during the building process. And, of course, your emotions come into play, too, as you get involved in all the decision-making that goes into making the house your home.

I have often thought that building a house is very similar to having a baby. It requires your attention almost every waking hour of every day, and there are always unexpected complications that arise and emergency "on-the-spot" decisions that have to be made ... which all add up to stress. But when the house is finally completed and you move into your new home, the labor pains experienced during its creation fade away and are replaced with pride and satisfaction in having created a house that is uniquely YOU.

I look forward to the memories that are going to be made during our building experience ... and the memories yet-to-be-made in the years to come in our house on Sanctuary Lake.


Loui♥ said...

am so happy for you!
I'll be following your adventures every step of the way..
love the lot and THE LAKE!
am a bass fisher myself..
and seeing those dead trees..well my heart just went pitty pat at 90 to nothing!!!
I can just imagine a cool, quiet fall morning..
sitting in the boat with just a thermos of hot coffee...
and either casting a broke-back Rapala lure...
or fishing with live minnows..
I do understand why hubs is in Bass heaven!!
Crappie also..
I think in your part of the world they are called Sac a Lait.
the adventure is just beginning!!
warm sandy hugs!

racheld said...

What a perfect name---Sanctuary. It speaks of all the definitions, and this beautiful place will be of your family's life for generations to come---what a prospect!

I love your young, eager voice telling of the plans and the home you'll be building, and will be looking forward to each day's journey through the process. And a new BLOG to chronicle the event!! What a treat!

Tonja said...

I am so excited! What a FUN adventure! The land is just perfect...and having a! Now, you should be calling your house The Creek House for sure...your creek is on property...mine is 1 house away. I know your head is full of so many plans ! Have fun!

9405018--Pat said...

Wow this is wonderful congrats i can't wait to see more of your new home...thanks for sharing...Pat H

bj said...

Oh, boy, Janie...what fun you are going to have. Your property is amazing...a creek and a lake. Oh, my...I can't even begin to imagine how beautiful your home will be.
Ya'll have built FOUR !!? wow...

Thanks for stopping by...come again soon and I'll swing by often so I can watch you build...:)
xo bj

jidgede said...

thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet......i can not wait for pics and info on your new adventure...i am so happy for you....jennie in tn <><

Carolyn said...

What a beautiful piece of property and what could be better than living on a place called Sanctuary Lake? Sounds about perfect! I am excited to see what you have planned and will be following your progress.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Janie, that is some gorgeous land. I think you are going to be very happy there, and I know your home will be beautiful. Can't wait to see you take this journey.


Sheila :-)

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I am so happy for you, see dreams do come true if you dream long and hard enough. Can't wait to see the progress in pictures.

Deb said...

what an exciting adventure...I'm so happy for you...

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful area of the state -- and I know you will enjoy being closer to your family. They will all have a lovely place to gather and make new memories! I look forward to your new blog, as you chronicle your adventure! Godspeed! =)

Terri said...

I'm sooooooo excited. I can't to be part of the journey through your new blog. What a treat for all of your fans.

dixiedoug said...

Janie - You two chose a great place! It's beautiful, and looks so peaceful. With 5 acres you'll have enough privacy. Having lived on a lake for over 20 years I can tell you that you won't regret it. Best wishes with the construction and remember, it's a good stress.

Merisi said...

Congratulations, Janie,
on finding such a beautiful and conveniently located lot for your new house!

Good luck,