Friday, July 23, 2010


You've probably heard the expression, "can't see the trees for the forest," and I think that is so true when it comes to flowers (and trees) and their leaves. We admire and appreciate and photograph colorful flowers and trees, but, oftentimes, we overlook the leaves.

With that in mind, I'd like to share some of my pictures that focus primarily on leaves (I was surprised by how many I have in my photo files).

Take, for instance, Hydrangeas, with their large showy flowers.

Very pretty ...
but look a little closer at the leaves.

Amazing, aren't they!

In the fall, we admire glorious fall foliage displays, but, again, overlook the beauty of the individual leaves that create those displays.

Like the golden fan-shaped leaves of this old Ginkgo Tree.

I took the next picture last November. I'm not sure what kind of tree these leaves fell from, but I love the way they were resting on a bed of moss, all snuggled up against the trunk, as if they were waiting for winter.

One of my favorite "leaf pictures" in my collection is this one I captured of leaves floating on a lake behind my parents' house in Louisiana. Only God could create those colors.

I'm sure we're all familiar with the saying, "Leaves of three, let it be!" And although they're pretty little leaves, you don't want to get too close a look at Poison Ivy ...

I love using pots of Crotons in the fall for splashes of color in our courtyard. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous ...

The next two pictures were taken last December when we received an early, and completely unexpected, snowfall. My Asparagus Ferns were still pretty and green and looked like they were encased in ice bubbles.

This is a closeup of a leaf on our Japanese Maple tree that was dusted with snow.

My last pictures feature a tree whose leaves are almost as beautiful as its blossoms, and there's no way you could overlook them when admiring the flowers.

Yes, I'm talking about Magnolia Trees, with their shiny and lush dark green leaves, with velvety copper undersides.

They are especially popular this time of year for use in floral arrangements and garlands for weddings and wedding receptions. In warmer climates, they are used for decorating year-round.

Yet another old saying comes to mind -- "Stop and smell the roses," and I hope I have inspired you to take time to "stop and look at the leaves." I know I will ... especially this fall.


Anonymous said...

Morning Janie! Fantastic Post! Now we will all be looking at leaves through different eyes! I am soo allergic to poison ivy that I was itching just lookin at that pic!!lol I have it so bad when we first moved here because I did the weed trimming and sprayed it unkowingly all over my arm and chest! 3-4 months of pure torture - itch and pain!!! This photo is perfect for reference for me as I still am unsure of which weeds are poison ivy!lol Love this thought provoking post! Have a fantastic weekend - I hope the weather is good and you don't feel anything from Bonnie! Sincerely, Jeannette

Deb said...

you did's funny since I started blogging I've noticed things that I never really payed attention to before...

Stacey said...

Just beautiful! I have learned to focus more on foliage than flowers in the last few years. Our yard is so shady that not that many things bloom. I'm happy when things are green and healthy. Love those gingko leaves. It's pretty rare to see those trees here but I think they are neat.