Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Winter Garden

Once Christmas Day is over, I can't wait to put up all the Christmas decor and get ready for the New Year. One of the first things I decorate for the seasons is my Welsh Dresser in our breakfast area, and I decided to use a "garden theme" for the winter months.

I love birds and had several decorative bird houses on hand, along with some other "garden-style" accessories I gathered from the attic, my "decor" closet, and even from outside. I still had a few blank places on the shelves that I needed to fill to achieve the look I wanted, and, after a visit to a couple of my favorite shops in Jackson, I was able to finish my decorating project.

It makes me happy every time I look at the dresser, because, even though it's winter, the garden theme reminds me of things-to-come in the Spring, too. Like this little robin sitting on its nest ...

I couldn't resist this mossy green stone bird with its iron feet, and the little pot of violets were calling my name, too.

The little snow birds that were huddled on the steps of the church under our Christmas tree ...

Have now taken up residence on the dresser ...

It was "love at first sight" when I saw this decorative "book" box with its ragged cover and faded picture of a bird on the front.

I rescued this little guy from my "decor" closet, and I think he looks right at home in his new "garden," don't you?

I found the stone planter in the attic with the orchid leaves, and added the "hens and bitties" plant and fern fronds ...

I love it when a plan comes together, don't you!

I hope you enjoy these last couple of days of the year, and are looking forward to decorating your house for the winter, too.


Deb said...

I love picked just the right items....Happy New Year..

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

looks like it came out of a magazine..just beautiful

Sue said...

Janie, you not only are a talented photographer, but a talented decorator as well. I am always so amazed at the gifts and talents that fellow bloggers have, and a little bit envious too, in a good way. lol. The dresser is beautiful, I enjoy decorating with birds as well, and can hardly wait to begin to put out mine. But first the decorations have got to be taken down, and am slow about that this
I read your last post, and was amazed at all of the famous people I knew and loved died, Thank you for sharing this.
Praying Many continued blessings on you and your family this year.

racheld said...

How very charming, and so evocative of wishing-for-Spring!

I love the age and the countenances of your little treasures, especially the little birds---the ones on the church steps just took my heart, for they were wearing the exact little flappy hat that one of my Grands wears---I think of it as from Iceland, somehow.

I have a little something "garden-y" for somewhere in your house; I'm being lazy today and tomorrow, for it's the first day "off" I've really had since Chris went to the Coast on Sunday, but I'll send it soon.

Stay warm, and enjoy your visions of Spring. And a bright, Happy New Year to you all!!


Karen said...

I could not help but drop back by & look around some more. It seems we both love birdhouses. :) I love the way your hutch came together.
I thoroughly enjoy looking at your wonderful pictures. Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me.