Monday, April 4, 2011

Our First Hummingbird

This is not the post I had planned for today, but I was so excited to see our first hummingbird yesterday that I just had to share it. My parents, who live in Louisiana, saw their first hummer Saturday, so I put my feeders out Sunday afternoon and within a few minutes, sure enough ... this little guy was happily slurping away at the nectar.

He stopped to rest in our Lilac Chaste Tree for a minute, and I caught him with his beak open ...

Bless his heart — I'm not sure where he spent the winter, but he didn't look like he had missed too many meals. Look at how "fluffy" he is!

I took this last picture from a different angle, and kind of like the "silhouette" effect.

Hummingbirds are very entertaining, and I look forward to capturing many more pictures of ours this summer ... and, hopefully, my pictures will improve with practice!/p>


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Just had to drop by to see what lovelies you were capturing and wow, what beauitul shots they are.
I haven't seen any hummers yet, but our blue bird family is back and waiting for their 4 eggs to hatch.
Hope you are having a great week, we are headed to Drs appointments this evening and 3 more in the next 2 weeks. DH seems to be improving, his Blood Pressure is stablizing but his sugar is still going up and down. He has really been good about staying on his diet and walking.
Will drop by again soon.

Deb said...

great hummingbirds...none here yet..

Jenni said...

Wonderful pics. Our hummers have arived at last, too. And you are right about them being entertaining... we had one for the last couple of years that would drink his fill and then perch in the Tulip tree and "guard" the feeder. It was so cute! He put on an aerial acrobatics display as he would zoom and chase away all comers.. so we got another feeder and placed it in a dif. tree.
Jenn so the others would have access....