Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Gonna be a Long, Hot Summer

It seems that our long-awaited Spring didn't last as long as I had hoped (but then, it never does). Our April temperatures have been hovering in the mid-to-upper 80s, heralding a long, hot summer ahead for Mississippi.

In anticipation of the summer heat and humidity, I visited a nursery in Jackson yesterday and bought a few heat-resistant plants for our courtyard. I came home and planted them, and was so pleased with the results of my hard work that I decided to capture some pictures of the flowers in all their glory, before the heat starts taking its toll on them.

I have always loved Impatiens, but have never had a yard shady enough for them. This Spring, I was delighted to hear about a new type of Impatiens called Sunpatiens, which are supposed to thrive in hot, sunny conditions. I planted several of them in the area of the courtyard that gets sun most of the day, and hope they will be happy in their new home. I'm trying to think positive about them surviving the summer, but I can already tell that they are going to need watering twice a day. Time will tell, I guess.

My Snapdragons are still doing well, and I mixed some of the Sunpatiens in with them.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you'd like to get a closer look ...

I bought two Yellow Lantana plants for my urns ...

And a large Surfina Wild Plum Petunia plant that will, hopefully, cascade over the waterfall.

Harry the Heron seems to approve ...

Another new addition is this bright cobalt planter and Asparagus Fern ...

I love Asparagus Ferns, and have several scattered around the courtyard. They are perennials and thrive during our hot Mississippi summers.

The jury is still out on the Sunpatiens, though. I'll let you know the verdict.


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Thanks for the heads up on the sunpatiens. I will look for them.

I usually plant them in pots on the back porch along with coleus.

I love your cobalt blue planter!

racheld said...

Now, THAT'S the way to make Lemonade!! Everything is just so beautifully arranged, and your faithful blue soldier-bird is still standing sentinel over his domain.

And "Lan-TANNERS"! You're gonna have a garden full of buzz soon---bees just flock to those. What a lovely prospect.

We have several dozen hosta ears, hopefully poking up through the cool mud, and the dragonflowers have spread for yards around the original several plants, but that's about it for us, except for all the trees leafing out.

And of course, I have new crape myrtles!

I just love strolling in your garden.

Richard Cottrell said...

Your garden is so colorful and wonderful already. We are still having one day warm and several days cold, so things are behind. Now we have to worry about the flood. This happens every year and every year it is a big worry. We will see. Richard at My Old Historic House

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images Janie.
I love your gardens!

Our weather is the same as Richard's. He's just a little ways north of us. It gets really warm, then cold, ripe for tornadoes.

Happy Easter!!

Carolyn said...

Pretty gardens! I love the cobalt planter and fern. I'll be anxious to see how the Sunpatiens work out.

Have a Blessed Easter.

Sue said...

Your garden flowers are beautiful Janie, thanks for the info. about the Sunpatiens, And snapdragons are one of my favorite flowers, as well as Asparagus ferns. I love how you have arranged everything.
As always such a joy to visit.
Wishing you and your dear family a very blessed Easter.

Deb said...

looking good...

Lori said...

We are struggling just to see 60 degrees. It has been a long cold winter/spring with even a few snow flakes this past week.
And if those of you expecting a flood are on the Mississippi, there is indeed water coming. The river here has finally moved to minor flood stage after being a major flood stage for nearly a month.