Monday, June 6, 2011

House for Sale

Exciting news! We have listed our house for sale with a realtor, and have moved one small step closer to building our house at the lake (not to mention, being about 20 minutes away from our daughter and her family, instead of an hour!).

We're trying to think positively, but, in reality, it's a terrible time to try to sell a house, with the housing market leaning heavily in favor of buyers.

I've been busy "staging" (aka "decluttering"), and have really been amazed by how much larger rooms appear to be in relation to how much "stuff" you have in them, especially on the floors.

I have to admit that it took me a while to get accustomed to the new look, but I really have enjoyed the feeling of spaciousness, even though the rooms are, of course, exactly the same size they were before I staged them.

I wish I had taken "before" pictures, but didn't think about it until it was too late.

I think it's rather presumptious of me to think that anyone would be interested in seeing pictures of my house, but for those of you who would like to see a few of the "after staging" pictures, I've included them below.

Breakfast Area and Kitchen

As you can tell by the pictures, I didn't totally declutter. After all, I wanted it to look like someone lives in the house!

Here's the dining room ...

And the living room ...

Master Bedroom and Bath

For those of you who are still with me, I appreciate you taking the tour. Let's skip the upstairs and go explore outside for a bit.

Covered Porch

Courtyard and waterfall area ...

And there's Harry the Heron — bless his heart, he's kind of shy and tries his best to blend into the landscape.

Sweet Bay Magnolia Tree and Sunpatiens

Our backyard is long and narrow ...

At the beginning of this post, I said I had exciting news to share. While selling the house is exciting, it is also kind of sad, because, not only are we selling a house, we're selling our home for the past four and a half years. We have many happy memories tied to Vicksburg and to the life we have enjoyed here in this house.

Selling a house can also be stressful ... especially if it doesn't sell right away. You have to always be prepared for it to be shown if a realtor calls with a client who would like to see it, but, on the other hand, the more people who look at it, the better the chance it will sell.

Actually, I think it's kind of fun ... and I enjoy making the house as pretty and welcoming as I can by turning on lamps and chandeliers, and ceiling fans. I also spray a little Smell of Spring scent by Aromatique, to make it smell good. I hope when they walk in the door that they can tell the house has been loved and taken care of ... and I hope it says, "Come on in and sit a spell. You can be happy here, too."


Judy said...

Janie, I have always loved your kitchen, when I discovered it back during RMS days. I didn't know ya'll were considering selling and building. You should have no trouble selling your house, it's so pretty! Please say a little prayer for my mom's house which has been on the market almost 2 years now! But it's 50+ years old and needed lots of work which we've tried to do as much as the budget will allow.

I enjoyed seeing so many pictures of your home I don't remember ever seeing. I can't wait to follow you on this leg of your journey.


no spring chicken said...

I wish I could say I'll take it! You're just way to far away from my dear daughter... :)

Blessings, Debbie

Jenni said...

What a lovely home! And I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I know selling it will be bittersweet... but there are so many precious memories waiting for you in the new one that y'all will build.

I had always heard scenting the house is a good thing when selling. I had read that banana nut bread and cake - type smells also attract customers because they smell "homey".

Isn't Aromatique wonderful??? I love their candles, potpourri and room sprays.
Best wishes!

Carolyn said...

You have a lovely home and I know you have enjoyed living there. I think it is kind of exciting to build a new one also....

I am looking forward to seeing what your new house will look like..I bet it will look and feel like home by the time you move in.

Beth at Aunties said...

I too have always loved your beautiful kitchen-especially those pictures with Averi Grace helping her mawma whip up delicious goodies..
Your home is very lovely and I bet anyone who walks through will feel all the love we have always felt wehen you share your home with us. Good luck with this new phase of your life. ~♥
I haven't been able to blog lately and have missed so much. I took time to catch up a bit on your blog. I am so happy your husband, daughter and her new little guy is doing so much better. I love how much God is so aware of each of His children and the blessings he sends to us.

Lori said...

Does Harry the Heron get to move to the lake?

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Your home is beautiful! Wish it were in Meridian...I'd be tempted to sell ours so we could buy yours!

Bet it won't stay on the market for long!