Friday, August 5, 2011

Church Windows

Today I am sharing pictures of Church Windows I have captured during my ramblings.

Some of the churches are old, and some are not so old; some are plain and simple little country churches, and some are, literally, architectural works of art — but regardless of their structural appearance, I think their stories will forever be reflected in their windows.

Rodney Presbyterian Church
Rodney, Mississippi

First Baptist Church of Rodney

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Canton, Mississippi

Chapel of the Cross, ca 1852
Madison, Mississippi

St. Marks Presbyterian Church
Raymond, Mississippi

D'Lo Methodist Church
D'Lo, Mississippi

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Chapel at Louisiana Cotton Museum
Lake Providence, Louisiana

Holy Cross Episcopal Church
Shreveport, Louisiana

St. Matthew CME Church
Old Highway 80 West, near Shreveport

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Chapel at Mississippi Agricultural Museum
Jackson, Mississippi

St. Johns Episcopal, ca 1842
Columbia, Tennessee

And these windows in an old church in the Mississippi Delta have long been "gone with the wind" ...

But I'm sure when that little church was new, on any given Sunday, those windows were flung wide open and the strains of all six verses of "Just As I Am," could be heard drifting across the cotton fields ... and perhaps, if you ventured close enough, even now you could hear the echos of long ago sermons and prayers coming from within.


Richard Cottrell said...

I love these old, new and wonderful churches. The vision that was seen in each one, is amazing. I just love the last one. I can just set and imagine the past Sundays that had taken place there. I am sure more than one old Southern preacher, shouted from the roof tops. Thanks so much for this journey. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Tonja said...

Love, love love the window with the vine growing across it! And, even the walls of the church. I think this was such a wonderful post. Such unusual facades. I have a thing about windows and doors. To me, they tell such a story. Wonderful as usual!

Lori said...

Love these windows and have marked them in my zotero list so I can find this page quickly when I want to use it to teach English names of shapes next summer in Poland at language camps.

Dorothy said...

Great pictures!! I am fascinated with Church windows and Churches. Thanks for sharing these.