Monday, August 29, 2011

A Message from Mother Nature

This past weekend, my husband and I spent some time at our land, which is located in rural Madison County, Mississippi, about an hour's drive from Vicksburg. As we drove along the country roads, I noticed that there was just a hint of Fall in the air. The temperature was in the high 80s around noon, instead of the mid-90s, and there was very little humidity, which makes a BIG difference in our Mississippi weather.

It wasn't anything in particular that made me think "fall," but there was definitely a difference.

Perhaps it was because it's that time of year when some of the crops have been harvested, or are almost ready for harvest, like these soybeans which were turning yellow ...

This field of little yellow wildflowers reminded me of Fall, too ...

The cornfields we passed were brown and looked rather forlorn, their once lush green rows now dry and shriveled.

As I took these pictures, I could hear the cornstalks rattling in the breeze ...

But the most positive sign that it's almost time for Fall's arrival was this bright golden spray of Goldenrod entwined around a fence along the roadside ...

We enjoyed our drive in the country and the break, albeit temporary, from the heat and humidity we've endured all summer. But the best lagniappe of all was the message Mother Nature was sending ... letting us know that Fall will, indeed, be here soon.


racheld said...

We've been feeling it for a couple of weeks, now---and yesterday the outlines of the trees were tinged with gold in a lot of places.

I've just written to beg Sis to come tomorrow---she called yesterday and said it was 113 in TX.

Fall IS coming, and will be more welcome this year than most, I think, after the record-breakers all Summer.

I know you're enjoying this---our beans still have that deep green velvety ripple across the fields, and the corn seems so SHORT the last couple of years, but still greener than I would expect.

Thanks for the glimpse of red clover!

Richard Cottrell said...

My father always said that when the goldenrods bloom, fall is up on us. Ours are getting ready, but not quite yet. I hope they hold off. I love fall, but means winter is new. Last few years we have had very little fall, rain and cold. Now we need the rain, and not the cold. I have a lot to do before winter. HELP. Thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Sue said...

This sounds like one of our outings, even though we are farmers we enjoy riding in the country side, viewing other farmers field, I especially love seeing cornfields harvested as it lets me know Fall is indeed around the corner. As always such beautiful photography Janie.
Thanks for sharing.

Tonja said...

That is a magical thing, isn't it? That first moment when you feel fall? It happens in spring, too. I think though, that you have to be attunned to nature and the change that is coming.

So happy that you found the magic on your little trip.

Blessings, my friend.