Monday, December 26, 2011

God's Winter Glory

Narcissus is blooming here in Missisisippi!

One of my favorite flowers, Narcissus blooms always brighten my winter days when I see clusters of them scattered amongst flower beds or, even better, at old home sites along country roads. I can't help but wonder who planted them, and wish I could let them know that the flowers they so lovingly planted make me smile when I see them.

I have always loved this time of year following the holidays (after all the Christmas decorations are packed away and taken to the attic), and even though the winter landscapes are bleak, seeing the first Narcissus blooms of the season rekindles a sense of renewal and hope for the new year, much like the Dogwoods do in the Spring.

I love the way the centers of the flowers in the next picture look as if they're glowing. They remind me of the song, "This Little Light of Mine" ...

Best wishes to you for a New Year blessed with an abundance of bright and beautiful lagniappe, like these lovely little flowers that remind us of God's glory and presence in our lives, even on the bleakest days of winter.


Richard Cottrell said...

This would be a wonderful, winter treat. I am afraid it is too cold here, I did force some and they are running late. maybe in a week or so. I love them. hope you had a wonderful Christmas day! Richard from My Old Historic House.

Tonja said...

Hi, my friend, I havent fallen off the earth...just got a little overwhelmed with all that came with Christmas this year!

I sent you an email on Christmas, but it wouldn't go through. Has your email changed? I have it

How is your son't knee? Hope it is healing well and no new problems arise. And, the new little is he? Is he growing as fast as Levi? He is such a chunk now! But, still so sweet! As is little Maddox, I'm sure. And, I bet Avery had a fun time at Christmas. They still get so excited at her age!

Loved the flowers and how exciting to see the the moon inside the berries. It sort of reminds me of the nautilus shape.

Enjoy these days between the holidays. And, the most wonderful of blessings come your way in the new year.

Dorothy said...

How refreshing to see these flowers on this dreary winter day! Beautiful!

Merisi said...

Wondrous gift of nature, this time of the year, looking at it from where I live now: winter nights still long, cold days even when the sun's out, blossoms like this only indoors. Thank you for brightening my day!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Heartbreakingly gorgeous, Janie. I love paper whites, too!