Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

I'm sure you've heard the expression, "When it rains, it pours," and yesterday was one of those days — both weather wise here in Vicksburg, and with my family.

We had some upsetting news about my 87-year-old dad and about our son Benjamin, and I would appreciate your keeping them both in your prayers.

My dad had a biopsy procedure done and will find out the results tomorrow. Hopefully, he will receive good news and his doctor will be able to correct the problem by performing out-patient surgery.

Benjamin, who lives near Nashville (about six hours away from us), was involved in an accident over the weekend and seriously injured his knee. The initial diagnosis is a torn ACL (which will require surgery to repair), but we will know more when he gets the result of an MRI, which will be performed tomorrow.

I pray God will watch over Daddy and Benjamin and bring them both good news tomorrow. I would be deeply grateful if you would remember them in your prayers, too.


Deb said...

sending prayers your way...

Dorothy said...

Praying right now for God's healing hand to touch Benjamin and your Dad and restore them to good health! Good health is such a precious and fragile thing! I hope to remember to always be thankful for the good health and many blessings I have enjoyed. I will continue to remember your loved ones and hope to get good news soon!

Jenni said...

I'll be keeping all of you in prayers, Janie....

take courage!


racheld said...

Oh, My Dear!!

All of you---ALL of you---are in my Heart and Prayers.


Tonja said...

It does tend to happen 'all at one time'...at least that's the way it always happens to me. So sorry to hear of your Dad and Ben's troubles. I will take them to the Father as soon as I sign off here.

The unknown is always the worst, isn't it? For me, once I know what is going on, I realize that 'I can handle this'. And, you know ... you can, too. God will give you the strength to deal with whatever come. He promised!

Gonna go and pray now. Blessings to you, your Dad, and Ben.