Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh, Happy Day!

After 10 rough and rocky days of recuperation in the hospital following his colon cancer surgery, my dad is doing much better. My mother just called me from the hospital and said his doctor came by this morning and said that he can probably go home this Wednesday, which is what we've been longing to hear.

I want to write more about the story of Daddy's miraculous surgery (you can click on the link to read about it), and the remarkable surgeon God sent to save his life ... but for now, I'm just rejoicing and being thankful for God's Grace and the truly awesome power of all the prayers that were said for my dad throughout this difficult time.

Yesterday afternoon, after seeing Daddy feeling so much better, my husband and I drove out to our land to see if the Jonquils were blooming. Here are a few pictures I captured while we were there ...

They are just beginning to bloom, and I picked a bouquet and took them to Mama and Daddy for his room.

We have a few clumps of Narcissus, too.

Although I loved seeing the flowers, the best part of our outing was stopping by to see this little guy and his sister, Avery Grace ...

Maddox Riggs, 5 months old

That picture is more beautiful to me than all the Jonquils in the world.


Dorothy said...

So glad to hear that your Dad is improving!!
I love to see the Jonquils blooming all over the place like that!!
My, My! What a perfectly precious baby!!! Too cute!!!

LindaG said...

Congratulations on your dad. That is great!

And Maddox is one happy little man. Congratulations!

C. M. Designs said...

I'm so glad to hear the good news about your Dad.. I know he'll be glad to get back home..
Mr. Maddox is a handsome little boy and I'll bet he has a sweet personality to go along with his cute looks..
I saw jonquils blooming here where I live in Va. on Sun. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
Thank you for letting us know about your Dad.. I've been thinking about him.. Blessings, Charlotte

racheld said...

Happy in so many ways---news, health, flowers, and that sweet, sweet boy!

Lovely way to begin a morning.

love from way up here,


Glenda said...

I can hear the gratitude in your words! And I love the pics of the jonquils, which always speak of spring and newness!

I'm a newcomer to your blog - found you on comments to Dorothy! May God continue to touch your dad.

Beth at Aunties said...

I feel I shouldn't comment since I haven't been posting. Yet I still try to keep up with those friends who have impacted my in blogland and you are one of them. I am so glad your sweet daddy is doing better and God sent a miracle surgeon his way. What would we do without the constant love and blessings HE continues to send to us which comes from prayer? I am so glad we do not have to go through these trials alone.
We also got a miracle with my sweet mom... her Thoracic aorta aneurism actually decreased in size from a 5.7 cm to a 5.4! It had continued to grow for a year from a 3.2! It totally surprised her cardiologist:) We still get more time to make cherished memories, as you do.
I loved seeing adorable pictures of your sweet baby. He is so precious and SOFT!
May your dad continue to regain his health... xo

Tonja said...

My friend...I can hear such joy and happiness and thankfulness in your voice. To go through the fire and come out singing hallelujahs is almost more than one's heart can bear! Bust doesn't it feel good? I am overjoyed for you and your whole family. Then to travel to your land, and see the evidence of the rebirth of the earth. Such evidences of God's love.
Now, as to that sweet little angel you have pictured. My, oh, My! He is beautiful! Just beautiful! Do you nibble those ears and breathe deeply that sweet baby smell? So, so sweet...and another evidence that God has His hand on your family!
Blessings to you,,,,,,,Tonja