Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lagniappe Outside My Door

Just sharing some pictures that were calling out to me while I was watering my flowers yesterday morning.

Bougainvillea, cascading over the waterfall ...

These close up shots weren't easy to get. I was balancing precariously on the edge of the rocks around the waterfall.

In this next picture, I like the contrast between the delicate and colorful Bougainvillea bract against the leaves that have probably been there since winter ...

When I was stumbling around trying to get back on solid ground after photographing the Bougainvillea, I thought I heard Harry the Heron snickering at me from his hiding place amongst the ornamental grasses ...

Shame on you, Harry!

My Asiatic Jasmine plant is thriving in its little pot next to the pond. It wasn't variegated when I bought it, but I think the muriatic acid and bleach my husband uses to keep the pond clean have bleached it, if that's possible?

And last, but not least, this Little Gem Magnolia bud caught my eye, as the sun was filtering through the branches.

I love it when I discover pictures waiting to be taken — especially when they are right outside my door!


C. M. Designs said...

Good morning Janie, I do think that Harry has his *snicker face* on. You showed him though.
Your pictures are beautiful. I soooo wish I had a water feature in my back yard.. I do when it rains a LOT~~~but then it disappears after a few days..
Have a lovely weekend. Sincerely,

Dorothy said...

You found some great ones today! I was wondering if you had any problem with algae in the waterfall, but I see you solve that with bleach. All of your pictures are lovely!!!

LindaG said...

Great photos all! :o)

racheld said...

Just taking a moment to come in and check in---what a lovely thing to have such treasures out every window!

I've been out surrounded and overhung by GREEN, reading on the patio---first time this YEAR, for even though I don't accomplish much in the house, it seems so necessary to STAY here, just in piddlin'.

All is green and lush (read overgrown, weedy, leggy, leafy and Limby to the extreme) out there, and the only "pop" of color is one blown-over geranium in the flat, determined to shine rosy in the grass.

And it NEEDS me. Or Somebody.

Your landscaping is magnificent.

Mine is messy, so I doubly enjoy yours.

Glenda said...

Your beautiful pics look like they come from the pages of a magazine! Simply gorgeous! I can tell that someone takes great care of your garden!

Lona said...

Oh how lovely your Bougainvillea looks cascading over your waterfalls. Love the beautiful red. I love your iron pedestal pot. What a wonderful planting.

Loui♥ said...

what a wonderful post!!
love the delights of your Water feature..
one of these days ..
dreaming out loud!