Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shifting Gears

There's just something about the day after Christmas that inspires me to quickly shift gears from my holiday mode to my "organizing mode."

I'm going to spend the rest of the week packing up the Christmas decorations and getting the house back "in order." I also hope to begin working on a project for the New Year — organizing my favorite recipes and creating a cookbook so I'll have them all together, instead of scattered in several different places.

I hope you enjoy this last week of the year, however you plan to spend it.


C. M. Designs said...

We have snow coming down this morning, Janie. All I can do is to watch it. I wish it had come yesterday.
We adopted two kittens the week before Christmas and they have added to the festivities and "clutter in our house. So, you'll know what I'll be doing this week and the next and the next and so on.
Your idea about getting recipes together sounds like a very good idea..
Wishing you a happy week.
Blessings in the New Year,

Sue said...

I am in the same mode, Janie, though I am taking today off to catchup here in blogland, tomorrow I will continue my cleaning and organizing.
Wishing you the most blessed and happiest New Year.

Richard Cottrell said...

I gave my Christmas tree away Christmas eve. New comers to town with a little one, said they had none, so I said come get mine. I took off the decorations I wanted to keep and left the others. That cleaned up that mess. i got plate after plate of cookies from friends and neighbors. I saved them all and Sissy and I went to the nursing home yesterday with them and her for some kisses. It was very rewarding. I made mac and cheese for several families, and the mayor who was stuck in city hall because of a water main break. I got no real presents, but I went to bed last night feeling good and that life was good. Happy new year. Richard and Sissy