Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Beauty Around Us

The Japanese Maple tree in our courtyard is at its most beautiful in the Fall, and I don't think I've ever seen it as beautiful as it is this year. 


I kept looking out the window at it and, finally, couldn't stand it any longer ... I just had to take some pictures of it in all its crimson glory.

Some of the leaves were outlined in white where the 20-degree temperatures we had last week had "burned" them.

Others looked as if someone had touched just their tips with white paint ...

But the leaves in the center of the tree that were protected from the cold were brilliant crimson.

The leaves won't last long now that colder temperatures are here.  They'll soon be falling, but I'm glad I have these pictures to remind us that God's glory is all around us ... even in our own yards.  

I hope this has inspired you to take a walk around your yard to see the beauty waiting for you there.   I promise you won't have far to walk.


racheld said...

Simply stunning. I don't know how YOU could even hesitate---I'd figure you'd be out that door in an instant, pajamas or robe or come as you are, not even pausing for a jacket.

That must be a glorious spot to look out to this time of year. I have a wonderful red "luck bush" which has, alas, lost almost all her finery of late. She provides a warm, rosy glow through the sitting-room windows for a long time every Fall, and of course, everyone who "leaves" must take a leaf along for luck.

I hope you had a wonderful trip with your Mom and Dad---I know it was such a marvelous thing to travel together to go to a show you'd all like. We took my parents to a local theater which was celebrating the Forties, when they were here for their fiftieth Anniversary, back in the Nineties.

Mother and I sang along to almost every one, and the immense backdrop projections in black and white, with the pictures from the War and the homecomings and the dancing and music---those were just spellbinding.

Must go see to this pile of laundry.

love and,


Pat said...

Oh! How beautiful Janie! Your patio is so picturesque.

Our Japanese Maples are blooming too and yes, could not resist taking the camera outside yesterday.

The good Lord was such a creative artist.

Happy Fall,
Pat in Tallahassee