Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sunshine on a Winter Day

I saw some Narcissus blossoms this morning. I so wanted to stop and take a picture, but they were in the middle of a boulevard on a busy street, and stopping was not an option.

One of my favorite flowers, Narcissus blooms always brighten my winter days and make me smile.

Even though the winter landscapes are bleak, seeing the first Narcissus blooms of the season rekindles a sense of renewal and hope for the new year, much like Dogwoods do in the Spring.

I love the way the centers of the flowers in the next picture look as if they're "letting their little light shine."

I wish you an abundance of bright and beautiful lagniappe, like these lovely little flowers that remind us of God's glory and presence in our lives, even on the bleakest days of winter.

What a glorious promise that Spring will be here soon.


Stacey said...

Beautiful wonderful!!

racheld said...

How serendipitous! I was just thinking of grabbing a pot or two while we're out for lunch in a bit. The clarity of the white is like no other, save for a remembered flock of seagulls as I sat in the Pensacola sand, with the blueblue sky above me, and the blinding white of the birds as they took turns diving to take a slice of WONDER bread from my uplifted hand.

The scent and sight of those energetic, faithful blossoms in the house is a true breath of Spring, no matter the date or cold.

I loved this!


Dorothy said...

This is a beautiful promise of Spring! They are just Gorgeous!

bailaora said...

What a nice view in the middle of acute winter! Thanks!

Sue said...

For sure Spring will soon come, I for one await with excitement! Would love to smell the aroma of these beautiful flowers. As always your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Pat said...


You are a wonderful photographer. You accentuate the beauty all around us with your beautiful photos.

What an inspiration.

Pat in Tallahassee