Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter's Grace

The new year roared in like a lion, bringing extremely cold record-breaking temperatures to most of the country, including the Deep South.

Here in Vicksburg, the bitter cold quickly took its toll on our plants and winter landscapes, creating, to all appearances, a drab, dreary, and colorless palette.

However, from my experience as a photographer, I knew appearances can be deceiving, and the winter palette was far from "drab." The first mild day that came along loudly beckoned to me, as if challenging me to come out of hibernation and capture the essence of God's winter grace.

So even though the day was cloudy and the temperature was in the mid-fifties, it seemed almost balmy (compared to the low teens of the previous two days), as I set out with my cameras and headed to one of my favorite places ... the Vicksburg National Military Park.

No matter how many photo shoots I do in the park, I never fail to find beauty, serenity, and inspiration there ... and I wasn't disappointed on my most recent visit.

I chose to share a few of the pictures I captured that day in a brief slideshow presentation, with the stirring strains of the "John Dunbar Theme" from the movie, "Dances with Wolves," playing in the background. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures and will be able to imagine the rustling of the magnolias leaves, the sound of the water rushing over the rocks of Mint Springs, the crunch of the winter grass under my feet as I knelt to get a close up shot of the sage grass, and the awe I felt being in the midst of God's amazing "winter grace."

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
[Don't forget to turn the volume up on your computer before you click on "Play," if you'd like to hear the music.]


racheld said...

Oh, my Dear. This was absolutely perfect from start to finish---the photos, the words, the always-makes-me-teary music.

How beautifully you've captured, displayed, and described such loveliness---finding joy and beauty in the wilderness of Winter's grasp.

Simply enchanting, and every moment a How Great Thou Art.

love and,


Beth said...

Beautiful! There is beauty in the winter while the earth is sleeping! Thank you for sharing!

Pat said...


What a beautiful tribute to the Lord's Winter artwork ... a completely beautiful post and lovely Winter pictures.

What a treat this was to watch!

Thanks so much.

Pat in Tallahassee

Carol Tummon said...


What a wonderful Ode to Winter. Thank you so much for reminding us of God's grace and how we can find it even in places/things that at first glance don't seem to show it.
Again, many, many thanks.

Spring and the 'wake up' call are not too far away now.

All the very best.


C. M. Designs said...

Janie, you video is wonderful and inspiring.. We have a temperature of one degree and snow on the ground here at my house this morning. (Jan. 23,)
I'll be so happy when I see the first Spring blossom.