Monday, April 21, 2014

Just a Little Lagniappe

Just sharing a few of my favorite pictures captured in the beautiful Mynelle Gardens in Jackson, Mississippi. If you would like to read about the gardens, you can visit the following links to see my posts featuring them:

Italian Cypress
Louisiana Iris
Leatherleaf Mahonia
 Oil Shale Columbine
Best wishes to you for a glorious week filled with the wonders and beauty of Spring.


racheld said...

You've certainly sent out your own captured beauty and wonders, as you always do.

I always expect anemones to have little jiggle-fingers, waving in the breeze.

Don't you just LOVE the names of flowers? I have a little notebook somewhere, with pages and pages of the old-fashioned names like tansy and henbane and love-lies-bleeding, and a lot of the uses for the different plants. I was just looking up "poke sallet" the other day on Google, and it's amazing that such a humble plant still has so many fans, as I thought it must have been a "po' folks" Spring food, after the dry, green-less Winter. And there was even a picture of a CAN of the stuff. I tried to imagine how many dusty roadsides they'd have to walk with that "poke" before they found enough for a canning factory.

So there we have it, our offerings for the day---my old Spring Tonic, boiled and limp, and your sublime vistas and colors and images to make angels smile.

I hope you a wonderful, filled-with-joy day!


Pat said...

Hello Janie,

What perfectly beautiful photos. My favorite is the yellow iris...all of the photos are amazing.

Happy Spring,
Pat in Tallahassee

BeachGypsy said...

This is a beautiful blog!! Your photography is AMAZING!! Enjoy it so much!!!!

BeachGypsy said...

How do I subscribe to or follow your blog?? thanks