Saturday, June 14, 2008

"A Prayer for Fathers" ...

The Wit and Wisdom of Marjorie Holmes

Marjorie Holmes is my favorite inspirational writer. Her heartfelt and moving "conversations with God" touch on everyday life on subjects we all experience at one time or another.

Today, in honor of dads across America, I'd like to share an excerpt from her book "Who Am I, God?" It's called A Prayer for Fathers.

God bless fathers, all fathers old and young.

Bless the new father holding his son or daughter in his arms for the first time. Steady his trembling, Lord, make his arms strong.

Give him the ambition and strength to provide for its physical needs. But even more, give him the love and common sense to provide for its hungering heart.

Give him the time and the will to be its friend. Give him wisdom, give him patience, give him justice in discipline.

Make him a hero in his youngster's eyes. So that the word father will always mean a person to be respected, a fair and mighty man.

And God bless older fathers too.

Fathers who are weary from working for their young. Fathers who are sometimes disappointed, discouraged. Fathers whose children don't always turn out the way they'd hoped; fathers of children who seem thoughtless, ungrateful, critical, children who rebel.

Bless those fathers, Lord; comfort them.

And stay close to all these fathers when they must tell sons and daughters goodbye. When kids leave home, going off to college, or to marry, or to war -- fathers need to be steadied in their trembling then too, Lord (mothers aren't the only ones who cry).

You, our heavenly father, must surely understand these earthly fathers well.

We so often disappoint you, rebel against you, fail to thank you, turn away from you. So, in your infinite love (and infinite experience!) bless fathers, all fathers old and young.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, thanks for sharing.ksarra

Picket said...

Hey Janie..thanks so much for coming by and I will call you dad out in prayer...I know the Lord has touched him and I pray that his recovery even amazes the doctors. Loved your beautiful post friend....I know we mom's get all the attention but blessed is the family that has a dedicated and loving father as the backbone..Bless you and your family this weekend as you soak in the love of your sweet dad.