Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Heirloom Clock -- "2nd Time Around Tuesday"

Welcome to "2nd Time Around Tuesday," graciously hosted by our friend Diane at A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words. Thank you, Diane, for taking the time to be our hostess. I always enjoy seeing your and everyone else's "2nd Time Around" treasures.

Today I'm sharing an antique clock that we recently inherited from my husband's mother. As far as I've been able to ascertain, it is a calendar "store regulator clock" and was made in the early 1900s.

I love this old clock, not only because it's pretty, but because it brings back fond memories of the years it hung in my husband's parents' home.

It now hangs in our kitchen/breakfast room area, where its loud ticking is a comforting and peaceful sound to me when I'm working in the kitchen ...

I appreciate you visiting me, and I look forward to seeing everyone's "2nd Time Around" treasures today.



bj said...

I love this type clock and have always wanted one. This is just beautiful and looks like it has always been right at home in your beautiful cottage.
I remember the first time, years ago on RMS, that I saw your pretty kitchen. I just about had a hissy fit !! So so pretty.
xo bj

racheld said...

Just beautiful, and I love the serene golden light that fills your kitchen.

Ours is an old Regulator, with a pointy little bottom beneath the small door where the pendulum lives. It's from Goodwill, and to hang it about five years ago, we had to move the big old round black schoolhouse model which we'd had hanging in that spot for a coon's age.

She has a wonderful sound, as well, steadily ticking her way through the days, and her chime on the hour-and-half is a single lovely tone, but just the right one. And when our BabyGirl is here, we cheer and clap our hands. YAAAAY!

SmilingSally said...

That beautiful clock is in exactly the right spot in your gorgeous home. Happy 2nd Time Around.

Anonymous said...

I love,love,love that clock.And thats a perfect spot for it.What a lovely home you have...Ann

LADY JANE said...

Janie,What a beautiful post! Your heirloom clock is a beautiful addition to your home! I love "peeking" into all your posts,you have a beautiful home!

xinex said...

Beautiful heirloom clock!...Christine

Hideaway Girl said...

The clock is beautiful! And all the better for being a family heirloom. Beautiful kitchen too.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

How wonderful to have a beloved item which has been "handed down" with its memories.
Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful.

Bo said...

Hi Janie...that is a perfect place for that wonderful heirloom clock...I love to hear a clock ticking...they say it is the heartbeat of a home! ;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

Janie it is just perfect in your lovely kitchen....

Kathy :)

playsdolls said...

What a wonderful clock,and you have the perfect place to display your heirloom clock.You have a beautiful kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! Gorgeous clock; even more so because of sentimental value! Looks stunning in your equally stunning kitchen! I cannot pass a clock in a store without stopping! I love them and was surprised at how many I have!!lol The ticking is mostly peaceful for me too but some I've had to remove the batteries because at one point they were driving me nuts (a very short drive!)nuts!!!lol Hope you're having a great week - Sincerely, Jeannette

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Fabulous clock, Janie! Just WONDERFUL, and it goes perfectly in that amazing kitchen/breakfast area! Just perfection.


Sheila :-)

RobinfromCA said...

Really a beautiful clock - and such fond memories to go with it. Just lovely.


Beth at Aunties said...

I too think your clock is beautiful and fits perfectly in your GORGEOUS and so welcoming kitchen.
It is the memories and sentiment of where your clock came from that probably means the most. It is a true treasure.:-)

I also like your spring arrangement at the top as your header.

I hope you are enjoying a great week.

Anonymous said...

Janie, your clock is wonderful as well as a special memory. Your kitchen is beautiful and the clock is right at home there.


Judy said...

Janie; The ashes/mayo treatment was PERFECT! I'll mail you some ashes from our fireplace if you want!!!! (seriously - or they'll just get thrown out).

I laughed when I went to the refrigerator cause we had "lite mayo" and "regular mayo". Since Susan didn't specify, I used the "lite" - so my sideboard has fewer calories than I do!!

I'm hoping for a spring trip to Vicksburg, if that comes about, I'll be asking you for some help on places to see, things to do.


Unknown said...

Hi Janie,
The clock looks like it was made for that space! Your home is so pretty!

Thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around and helping promote it!

Please forgive me for taking so long to get by-I have been exhausted! LOL