Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just a Closer Walk

Just a Closer Walk with Thee is one of my favorite hymns, and I love this arrangement by Daniel O'Donnell. I probably listened to it 10 to 15 times while creating the slideshow and never tired of hearing it. I hope you enjoy the music and it brightens your day, however you spend it.

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RachelD said...

What a wonderful morning gift! I just looked and smiled the whole time.

The last picture was always the one behind Mrs. Simpson as she taught our Sunday School classes (about second grade, I think) and I would just stare and stare and wonder what fortunate painter got Him to sit long enough for that picture. What marvels would cameras have left to us!

I'm hoping you a bright, lovely morning. Ours certainly promises to be (any day that starts with breakfast with two of your favorite people, then segues into laying out a pair of pale pink gloves for a tea party at Sweetpea's school---well, that just has the makings of "special" all over it).

Many happies for Avery and all of you as you celebrate her milestone---we just had a THREE, will have a NINE next month, and then two SIXES end-of-Summer. Flying, flying.

Thank you so much for the wisteria picture. I just sat here musing and letting my fingers do the thinking, and got way off into our neighbor and her washpot. Perhaps I can weave the beautiful and the hardship together somehow in a few days.

love and,


Merisi said...

Gorgeous images!
Thank you,