Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Father's Day Message

May this very special Father's Day weekend be filled
with sweet memories and sweet-memories-in-the-making.

I'm looking forward to spending it with my sweet dad, and I have no words
that can adequately express my love, gratitude, and admiration for him.

I thank God every day for blessing my life with the wonderful, awe-inspiring man I call "Daddy."


racheld said...


What a lovely tribute to your Daddy, and how fortunate you both are, to have such sweet spirits in your life.

Wishing you all the best in your celebrations,


Marlene said...

How lovely, Janie. And I can see absolute kindness in that dear gentleman's eyes. May God bless him, and your family.

Pat said...

Wishing you a wonderful Father's Day weekend with your sweet Dad and with the rest of your family.

Your family is so blessed to have him in your lives.

Pat in Tallahassee

Jenni said...

I agree with Marlene! I see kindness shining from his eyes, too... You are very blessed indeed to have him in your life, sweet friend...I wish you Joy as you spend time with him this weekend...