Friday, December 26, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Flea Market Finds ...

One of my favorite things to do is browse flea markets and junk shops ... the junkier the better! Over the years, I've accumulated quite a few treasures which I've used in decorating my house, and would like to share a few of them with you today.

I love old floral prints and was delighted when I found this pair of vintage floral bookends. They are on a sofa table, along with the gilt planter and adjustable stand below, which were also flea market finds.

This ornate candelabra came from a tiny junk shop in northeast Louisiana, and I couldn't pay for it fast enough when I saw its $12.00 price tag. I have it on my piano, a la Liberace!

One of my most thrilling yard sale finds was a vintage Spanish brass chandelier, complete with about 50 crystal prisms. The tag was marked $100, but was kind of smudged so I asked the lady how much it was and she said, "Oh, that's a dollar."

Well, after I closed my mouth which was hanging open, I gave her my dollar and RAN to my car with it. It was beautiful, in perfect condition, and I sold it on eBay for around $150.00.

I'll never forget that one, because, sadly, those kinds of yard sales are fewer and farther between these days.

I love all things Italian, and when I saw this elegant tray, it was love at first sight ...

I think I paid $14.00 for this original oil painting on canvas, including the frame. Another one I RAN to my car with ...

I love serving my mama's homemade Mayhaw Jelly in this pretty little jelly dish with its elegant glass spoon. It's funny how little things can bring so much pleasure, isn't it.

This lovely little plate graces the inside of my china cabinet and makes me smile every time I see it. I believe the mark on the back is Limoges and it cost a dollar.

It was love at first sight when I saw this little magazine stand. I can't remember where I bought it, which is unusual for me, but I've enjoyed it tremendously.

I found this elegant little candlestick at a flea market about eight miles south of Jackson, Mississippi, and paid $8.00 for it.

I love and collect pictures of windmills and I found this one at a yard sale on the 450-Mile Yard Sale trip my husband and I took a few years ago.

I couldn't resist its companion print,
and got them both for $24.00.

And, last, but not least ... I found this pretty brass urn (which was made in Spain) at a local "junk" shop and love its size. It's perfect for displaying seasonal arrangements.

Now that the holidays are almost over, I hope to have time to get out and explore new places in search of more flea market treasures like the ones I've shared with you today. I can't wait!



Susan said...

Beautiful treasures! Not sure I could pick a favorite.... I like the dishes and the unique candlestick the best (I think, lol)

Thanks for sharing them with us

Bella Casa said...

Wow, those are all great finds! I love that little jelly dish the most, it's really pretty. I love the mag rack, too and I am like you, I almost never forget where I found something...even the kids' toys and much MINUTIA in my brain, lol ;)

That was a great candlestick find, many nice things!

Hope you had a nice Christmas!


Bo said...

Hi there...I LOVE the thrill of the hunt...You found some marvelous pieces and well worth more than you spent. ;-) Bo

StitchinByTheLake said...

If we're picking favorites then I'd have to choose the jelly dish and the bookends! blessings, marlene

ShabbyInTheCity said...

That was a fun little show and tell! Thanks :)

salmagundi said...

So many things to love, but I especially am enamored with that little armed candle holder!! Sally

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Janie,
You have wonderful taste! I am going to have to go out hunting for more treasures myself!


Anonymous said...

Hi Janie! So many many pretty things to look at!!!! I see you've been redecorating a few times too!lol Love this look!!! I'm still trying to decide; I've been hogging the computer for 2 days; husband is looking at me strange!lol You are welcome for the card; just wish it was for a happy time instead. I don't send Christmas Cards; usually new years but I'm behind on that so thank you for the Christmas one (I did get it!) Glad to see you are back! Til later I need to go stop and turn this off now!!lol Goodnight - Sincerely Jeannette

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love the brass candle lamp! That was an amazing buy! But you have some other great finds, too!



Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Janie, these are fabulous finds! What a great post!

ksarra said...

LOVE your style Janie, the landscape paintings are my favorite!!

Tracey said...

I know what you mean...I was telling my yard sale buddy the other day that now that college football is about over and so are the holidays that we have to start hitting the yard sales again!

Barbara said...

Morning, I love the magazine rack, but most of all the little white plate marked Limoges on back. Thanks for listing my blog.
Happy New Year

Jon said...

Serendipity is something you have in spades! Seeing your lovely treasures makes me think "Eureka" must be your nickname or at least your favorite "silent expression" when you have hit paydirt in the mines of a dark and dusty junk store. If the "Antiques Roadshow" ever comes to Vicksburg, you could provide the perfect setting.
Here's hoping you have a Happy New Year and all the best in 2009!
Jon at Mississippi Garden

Leigh said...

Great post!

I found your blog by way of DIdscribbles/Betty Jo. Glad I did.

Anonymous said...

The plate is Longchamps Nemours. I know because it's my china pattern! One plate definitely costs more than you paid! Congrats!


kymber said...

Hi Janie,
LOVE all of you beautiful finds! I would love to hit the mother lode like you have! I can't wait til I can get out there again and look for treasures for my home. It is so much fun to see what others are able to find on there "hunts for treasure". Thanks for sharing!

Thanks also for stopping by to visit and leaving such a sweet comment -
I hope you and your family enjoy a restful New Years celebration together.
Blessings to you,