Monday, December 8, 2008

A Sweet Gift from a Special Lady ...

I received the sweetest gift over the weekend from our friend Jeannette, at Sincerely Yours, Jeannette. Her note inside the package read:

"I've been wanting to send this to Avery (our 3-year-old granddaughter) for 3 weeks now! Just a little 'thank you' for bringing me good luck in your giveaway! Hope she enjoys it. I remember you saying in a post that you read to her. Sincerely yours, Jeannette."

Jeannette, I can't tell you how much your thoughtfulness meant to me. I let Avery open the package and she was so excited and loved the precious little ornament, as you can see in these pictures ...

The ornament is called "Oh, What Fun to Read," and is from Hallmark's Keepsake Collection.

You are truly one of a kind, Jeannette, and I sincerely appreciate your friendship. And every Christmas, when Avery hangs her ornament, we will all think of you and your kindness.



Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Janie,
This is such a sweet post. That was really very sweet of Jeanette wasn't it?

I love the pictures of Avery...especially that second one where she is just beginning to smile!

Have a wonderful day!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

How darling, Janie! You can just see that precious Avery's joy in opening that ornament. Her little face just lit up! Oh, this is so adorable.

Thanks so much for sharing.


Sheila :-)

Kitty Scraps said...

What a cutie pie girl! And how sweet of your friend to send such a treat for her. Friends are the best!
Have a wonderfully blessed week!

Anonymous said...

Dear Janie! This was so sweet of you but totally unecessary to mention me!(I'm blushing!)lol BUT seeing Avery's smile was just as I hoped! So glad she enjoyed it; the ornament just screamed her name and I hope she enjoys it as much as I am enjoying the giveaway picture! Best wishes dear, Jeannette (I love your new header picture; just gorgeous!)

salmagundi said...

What a sweet friend to send the ornament. Hallmark always has just the right ornament!! The pictures are adorable - she is so cute. Sally

ksarra said...

Your nativity in your last post is truly beautiful. Love it! And today's story just confirms my belief in the goodness of people. Your little granddaughter looks adorable opening the gift, and isn't it just PERFECT???

beth at aunties said...


Jeanette was very thoughtful to send Avery the cute ornament. I enjoyed watching little Avery open the package and then the smile of delight. Aren't these little ones the best? Thanks for your wonderful comments and ahve a wonderful week..


Tracey said...

How sweet of Jeanette...and little Avery is precious!!

Anonymous said...

Now wasn't that very nice.

Anonymous said...

Can't beat a blogger's big heart, what a thoughtful thing to do, Jeanette you're a doll !!!

I know I say this all the time but your grandbaby is so cute !!

Thanks for sharing this Janie, it made me feel almost as happy as Avery.

Kathy :)