Monday, June 1, 2009

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I've heard that during their lifetime most people experience an event that could be considered their "15 minutes of fame." Of course, for most of us, our "fame" would not be on the same scale of the overnight fame enjoyed by Susan Boyle in recent weeks, or the instant fame Sarah Palin received during her campaign for vice president ... but that is not to diminish the excitement and pride we feel as a result of being honored or singled out for an accomplishment or a job well done.

Sometimes our "claim to fame" is shared only by our families ... or a close circle of friends. It could be graduating from college summa cum laude, or having a book published, or writing a song and having it recorded by a well known performer.

I've never really experienced anything that would qualify as my 15 minutes of fame (unless it was having my babies) ... but something exciting happened recently that made me feel good, and it's probably as close as I'll ever get to being "famous," if only for 15 minutes. I'd like to share it with you:

A couple of months ago I received an e-mail note from a writer in The Netherlands, who is an editor for a Dutch magazine for professional gardeners called Tuin & Landschap. While searching the Web, he came across one of my pictures and asked if I would sell the picture to him for use in the magazine, which has 6,000 subscribers.

Here is the photo, which is a close up of grave markers resting among the roots of a huge old magnolia tree in the Vicksburg National Military Park Cemetery.

Of course, I was thrilled, and honored, that they wanted to use my picture, and I gladly sold it to him and sent it to him in an e-mail.

He wrote me after he received it and said the picture would be published in the next issue and he would send me a copy of the magazine.

We were out of town this past weekend, but when we got home yesterday, the magazine was in our mailbox. I was so excited as I opened the package, and inside I found two publications ... one was the current issue of Tuin & Landschap, and the other was a beautiful supplement entitled Magnolia.

I found my picture on the inside back cover page of the Magnolia magazine, and I'm delighted with it ...

Of course, the text is in Dutch, but I could loosely translate the caption under the picture, and was also pleased to see my name in the credit for the photo on the corresponding page.

Here are some of the other photos featured in the magazine:

Isn't it incredible, and wonderful, too, how the "World Wide Web" has united people from all walks of life, from literally all over the world, and enabled a magazine editor in The Netherlands to find a photograph of a magnolia tree in Vicksburg, Mississippi. I'd like to thank that editor (who will remain anonymous for privacy's sake) for the part he played in giving me my "15 minutes of fame," and invite you to share your 15 minutes of fame with us.


sandra said...

Congratulations!! I am not a traveler so I really enjoy your seems they are always of places and things I would like to see. Thank you for sharing.

Deb said...

Congratulations...I think your photos are beautiful...I bet you get more offers to have them published in the future...


Tonja said...

That is the most exciting thing! And from the Netherlands! The picture itself is just stunning! It's as if that old tree decided to wrap its arms around the dead, and offer them cool and comforting shade. Just beautiful!

Last year, I was contacted by a travel guide for Hawaii who wanted to publish one of my pics in their guide. And, it was, to me, just a ho-hum kind of pic. But, it does make one feel 'right proud' when others appreciate your work. And your picture is very deserving!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I read your blog everyday. All my family came to Texas from the South. I have a gggrandfather buried in a Confederate grave in I really enjoy the cemetery photos. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing so much with all of us.You bless our lives.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

WooooooooooooHooooooooooooo! Janie, can you see me doing the happy dance! Wild, thunderous applause!!! Oh, I'm so proud of you, but I'm not one bit surprised that you would receive this honor. Your photos are TOP DRAWER! If I could read Dutch, I'd be buying that magazine! LOL!

Way to go, Janie, and I can't think of a finer, dearer person to have this honor than YOU!


Sheila :-)

Stacey said...

You are famous on an international scale!! I've said before that you should be photographing for a magazine. Southern Living needs to call you next! You are very talented.

Beth at Aunties said...


I too send many congratulations and say, "AT LAST!" Your photos are so incredible and I am so glad someone who could actually do something with one, did it! They saw talent along the beauty! WaaaHOO for you and I am doing the happy dance along with our sweet Mrs Magpie!
I enjoyed the last paragraph of the article, after I clicked on the page.
I agree with a comment above who said you bless our lives...I have been blessed and have so enjoyed learning more about Vicksburg through your wonderful talents!

Congratulations again!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Congratulations. Your 15 minutes is well deserved. All of us bloggers know your photos are worthy.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Congratulations, Janie! This is well deserved! Beautiful photo!

Anonymous said...

How awesome Janie...congratulations, it really is a wonderful shot !!!

All the best,
Kathy :)

D said...

Way to go. I know you are excited. I'm not surprised, though, because your pics are wonderful.

jidgede said...

congratulations!!!! no surprise to me, your photos are fabulous as well as your eye to see the photo before you take are so gifted and thanks for sharing with us......