Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crape Myrtles

Vicksburg is literally bursting with color these days.

The Crape Myrtle trees are in rare form this year, their branches bending low from the weight of their gorgeous blossoms, ranging in color from watermelon and bubblegum pinks, to lavender, the elegant white Natchez Crape, and even royal purples.

I don't think there's a street in town that doesn't have at least a half dozen of these beautiful trees gracing its sidewalks — just in time to welcome our many visitors from out of town who were here for the Miss Mississippi Pageant and 4th of July festivities this past weekend.

As spectacular as those blossoms are, I came across a red crape myrtle the other day that, although small, was even more dazzling.

I just love those glorious crimson blooms, and have added Red Crape Myrtles to my list of landscaping plants to keep in mind for the new house when we build it.

What is your favorite Crape Myrtle color?


Richard Cottrell said...

I just love CM. We can grow them here, but they freeze back in the winter, so they have to come back from the root. Takes awhile and they bloom late and are not very big. I would love to visit V. and see them all. How wonderful. Richard at My Old Historic House

nancygrayce said...

Beautiful! I bought my husband three small crepe myrtle's 18 years ago and now they're huge!!

racheld said...


Thank you for everything---especially THESE.

I LOVED your anniversary story!!! I gotta tell SIS. Was the whole place vacant, or did you play in a soft but spirited fashion?

This is great!

justjoycee said...

Love these pics!!!

Karen said...

I am amazed for some reason this year with the crepe myrtles. It must be a great year for blooms! They are really showy right now. I loved the colors, but believe or not I favor the white. Enjoyed looking at your post about the rain drops. So refreshing!