Friday, July 29, 2011

Finding Lagniappe

I went in search of Magnolias, and found lagniappe instead.

Nothing grand or fancy,
Not even a bright blue sky.

Just simple things I passed,
That happened to catch my eye.

Like Ivy and Geraniums ...

And Mockingbirds at rest ...

Pretty Purple Crapes,
Atop a downtown crest.

I love these bright Blue Flowers,
Whose name I do not know.

And these yellow Lilies ...
that beckoned me to slow.

Although I didn't find Magnolias, I really didn't mind,
Because I found sweet lagniappe ... of the very best kind.

May your weekend be filled with lagniappe as sweet!


Carolyn said...

Lovely Lagniappe today!
The blue flower looks like an Agapanthas - Lily of the Nile. It is so pretty with the orange day lilies.
Looking forward to Magnolia blooms.

racheld said...

How lovely an oasis of calm and color in this scurry of a morning!!

Just what I needed when I finally got a moment to sit here and look.

Thank you,

Richard Cottrell said...

I love ivy, one of my favorite things in the garden. Is so fun to pick and use in the winter, especially at Christmas. Cut a big long hunk and hang on your door with a bright ribbon. Wonderful solution for a wreath. My garden is pretty burnt up. I have neglected it as it has been so hot. Thanks for stopping by. Richard at My Old Historic House. PS. I think we have the flood problem, pretty much under control. But, one never knows.

Tonja said...

Everytime I come here to visit with you, I leave feeling refreshed. The views you capture with your camera and share with us are always so worthy. Loved the verse, too. Quite clever, you are!

Sorry, I haven't been around...I'll share more on my blog. Hope things are still going well with the new one. I can imagine sweet Avery is getting quite excited!

Aren't those geraniums and ivy so pretty together?