Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sibling Class

I recently had the pleasure of attending a "Sibling Class" with my daughter Whitney and granddaughter Avery Grace. The class is offered by River Oaks Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, for brothers and sisters aged three to ten years, to help them learn what to expect with the arrival of a new baby in their family (in less than three weeks, Avery is going to welcome her baby brother).

The children bring a stuffed animal or doll with them and use them to learn how to hold and care for their "new babies."

The children were shown an incubator so they would know what their new baby's bed in the hospital would look like ...

And they were shown how the new baby would be measured, and were given measuring tapes so they could measure their "babies."

They were also given tiny little newborn diapers to put on their babies, and were so cute trying to get them just right.

This little guy captured my heart with his big blue eyes and antics (probably because he reminded me of our son Benjamin when he was that age).

He brought his monkey George, and a little toy truck that he was "zooming" all over the lobby.

He entertained himself while waiting for the class to start by zooming his truck around and tossing George high into the air ...

Gotta love little boys!

In addition to the "taking care of baby" lessons, they were given a tour of the floor of the hospital where their mommies will be after the babies are born, and even got to peek through the nursery window.

They were disappointed that there were no babies in the nursery at the time we visited.

Here are a couple of door decorations I spotted as we walked down the corridor. So CUTE!

After the class, they were given t-shirts and coloring books and received a "certificate" for attending the class.

I asked Avery what she liked best about the class and she said getting to see the nursery. I'd love to go back and capture the look on all of those little faces when they look in the window and see their baby there.

If you live in the Jackson area and would like more information about the Sibling Class, you can click on the link.


Deb said...

that is such an awesome idea...they should have that at every hospital...little boys are a lot of fun...so are little girls..they are just so different...

Marlene said...

How adorable! And what a wonderful idea to help the little ones be part of this awesome adventure. Avery is going to be such a help with the new baby.

racheld said...

What a wonderful introduction to this new stage of their own lives!! Avery seems quite the confident Big Sister.

I'm just in awe of all the programs and processes and great strides made even since some of my own Grands were born, and heartily applaud all these ways of including the siblings---fostering that closeness is such a wonderful way of making the life of the whole family richer and better.

(I DO wonder what size siblings regularly come to those classes. Little Brother will be a toddler before that shirt will begin to fit for wearing out for braggin' rights). They seemed to "swallow" every one of the children.

But what a lovely, huggy thing to wear such an honored and honoring garment!

Tonja said...

What a neat idea! I sense that Avery is a very mature young lady already and I'm sure she will be a big help to her Mom. Hope all is going well with Mom and Baby.

Just an idea....when I had Alex and Ian, Adam was already 8 years old. We gave him a disposable camera, to make pics of his brothers. He didn't get to see them until we came home (things sure changed). But, he captured coming home and visits with family and friends, and the baby crying and just being. He had his own little album that he put the pics in and was so happy to show everyone the pics he made of his new brother!

Jenni said...

What a neat idea for helping the kids get ready for the new brother or sister! And it sounds like it was fun and interesting for the kids, as well as educational. Avery Grace is going to be such a good big sister, **Smiles**

Thanks for sharing!