Friday, September 30, 2011

Crotons: A Blaze of Color for Fall

One of my favorite fall plants here in Mississippi, is the Croton (Codiaeum variegatum). It is a perfect "filler" plant to replace my long-faded and bedraggled summer flowers until I can plant pansies and snapdragons in late fall. Its dazzling gold, orange, and red glossy variegated leaves are sure to add a blaze of color wherever you plant it.

I recently planted these two Crotons in a flower bed in our courtyard, where even on rainy days (like today), their spectacular colors seem to add a touch of sunshine outside our windows.

They also do well in planters and urns ...

Crotons prefer bright light, and the sun really brings out the colors. They do well in the cooler fall temperatures here in Mississippi, but won't tolerate a freeze unless protected.

If crotons are hardy where you live, I think you would enjoy their beautiful display of fall colors, at least until Thanksgiving.


Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

I love crotons, as well! I usually have pots of them flanking my front entry, as apart of my fall decor. I'm planning to get some this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

Dorothy said...

I really like Crotons, too! I need to get some for Fall color. I used to grow them and they get really colorful in the sunshine! When mine got happy it produced a very long bloom!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful fall color! I was gifted a Croton and put it beside the rockers on the front porch. I can see it from the window and it too makes me smile.
Happy weekend.

racheld said...

Don't you love the shine and the flash of color---like a plant from a world we're not accustomed to.

And when they blaze amongst the browning of the other outside things, echoed by one in the house if you're lucky---that's a special gift from Fall.