Friday, September 16, 2011

You Gotta Have HOPE !

I had HOPED to have my post about HOPEwell Cemetery ready for today, but one thing has led to another and I am HOPElessly behind in my blogging time.

I have abandoned all HOPE of having it ready today, but you know what they say ... "HOPE springs eternal" ... and I am HOPEful that I will be able to work on it over the weekend.

So, all HOPE is not lost — and I HOPE you can join me Monday for a visit to the Old Hopewell Cemetery.

In the meantime, if you would like to read a little about the cemetery, you can click here to read my previous post about it.

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Tonja said...

Here's HOPING this finds you well. Sounds as if you are. Loved catching up on your past few posts. I've been thinking that it is time for a trip to's been way too long since I was there. I love it too. So much to see and do and eat! So sorry I've been lax about visiting. Keeping Levi is taking more out of me than I thought. When he leaves, I tend to collapse until the next day! How is Maddox? I looked to see if you had posted any new pics of him. HOPE he is doing well! These little boys are just too precious! Anxious to see inside that cemetary! Blessings, my friend!