Monday, March 26, 2012

Feed Them and They Will Come

I hung my hummingbird feeder from a tree in our courtyard late yesterday afternoon, and this morning I was thrilled see our first hummer. When I saw him, I ran to get my camera, but before I could focus on him, he flew away. That's okay, though, because I know he'll be back ... and, perhaps, he will bring some friends.

I'm looking forward to getting some new pictures to add to my "hummingbird collection," so I hope they won't mind me "staking them out."

Oh, I almost forgot! Do you see the little bird sitting on the birdhouse in the background? I'm not sure what kind of bird it is, but he and his mate have been very busy building a nest in the house, and I hope to capture some pictures of their babies, too, in and amongst capturing the hummers.

Isn't Spring wonderful!


Glenda said...

I saw my first hummer of the season this weekend, so I quickly hung feeders! It's always exciting to see the first one. Like you, I didn't get a pic, but hopefully, I will soon!

LindaG said...

Looks like a sparrow of some variety to me. :o)
Congratulations on the hummingbird, too.
My camera is a brat when I try to take pictures, too.

Have a great day!

Jenni said...

Hello, dear Janie! We have spotted our first hummers here in Texas, too... they always make me smile, the way they zip and zoom and
loop- the-loop..... no human air show could ever compare!

I hope you are having a joyful Spring, dearheart.