Monday, March 5, 2012

Peter and Polly

Peter and Polly, are our little straw rabbits who, every year around this time, hop down from the attic just in time to welcome Spring to our house.

I don't know what they had been doing in the attic since last year, but they both looked rather bedraggled when they came down the stairs yesterday. One of Peter's arms was dangling, and Polly was dusty and in need of a makeover. But after a little gluing and sprucing up, I think they look sweet.

They usually sit outside our porch door to welcome visitors, but there's so much pollen in the air, I told them if they would behave themselves, they could stay inside on our breakfast table for a while.

They make me smile every time I pass by them ... and I can't wait for our granddaughter Avery Grace to see them when she comes to visit us later this week. She's going to spend part (or all) of her "Spring Break" from first grade with us next week, and last night I talked to her on the phone and asked her what she'd like to do. Without hesitation, she said, "Play school!"

Whatever we do, I'm looking forward to spending a lot of quality time with her. She's growing up way too fast for her Grandmama.


racheld said...

Cycle of the seasons---I just last week put the last of the "Snow People" out of the living/sitting rooms. (The same day I packed away the Hearts from the front door and the red ribbons and floofy white doilies).

And even though they're sweet innocent little creatures, that attic hideaway may have hosted some raucous parties since last you saw the wee couple.

Miss Polly's hat is slightly askew, as if adjusted in a hurry, and one could almost think that she's arranged her skirt and jacket over her tummy Just So---reminiscent of those ladies in TV programs who are photographed only behind desks and file folders for part of the season.

Do overlook my sillies today---Sweetpea is here for two days, the sun's streaming down the stairs, and I'm on my third cup of STRONG Yuban.

Even your jonquils are jaunty!

Richard Cottrell said...

We had a slight snow here in Missouri last nite, but I had the first jonquil bloom this morning. Stupid weather. Richard from My Old Historic House.

C. M. Designs said...

Hi Janie, Your bunnies are precious. They would make me smile too. We had a "dab" of snow this morning, just enough to get excited about and then it was gone..
Enjoy your week and have fun playing school.. Smiles, Charlotte

LindaG said...

They are very cute!

Glenda said...

Love those cute straw rabbits and I know your granddaughter will, too! Have fun with her!

nancygrayce said...

They are so cute!

Goodness can't believe it's time to put out Easter stuff! Dear, dear....time is flying once again!