Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After the Rain

I was in my glory yesterday, after a rain shower moved through Vicksburg. The plants in our courtyard looked so lush and green, and the flowers were shimmering with raindrops.

When it stopped raining, I couldn't wait to get outside with my cameras and capture some of the pictures I had been imagining from the windows all morning.

The focal point of our courtyard is a waterfall, and that is where I began my photo shoot.

The Bougainvillea blooms were especially pretty, adding a bold splash of color to the courtyard.

I like the contrast between the bright red Bougainvillea and the lavender Lantana in the urn ...

The bright yellow Lantana which I planted in early Spring, seems to have taken the message on my "Grow Dammit" sign seriously. I had to uncover the sign to get this picture.

This single red Snapdragon is one of just a few "stragglers" that remain of the Snapdragons I planted in the Fall ...

It stands regally above the other flowers, and I just couldn't bear to pull it up.

My little geese, also known as "Maude and Claude," were huddled together in the pine straw underneath the Japanese Maple tree ...

I keep hoping they will have some little ones, but, so far, I haven't even spotted a nest!

Our Little Gem Magnolia trees, which are behind the waterfall, are loaded with buds now, and I can't wait for them to open. If you click on the pictures you can get a closer look at their "fuzzy" buds.

For some reason, I didn't get many magnolia pictures last summer (most likely, because of the extremely hot weather) ... but I hope to make up for it this year.

As I continued my walk, I crossed this bridge leading from the courtyard to the path that takes you to our backyard.

Several things caught my attention along the path. First of all, the wood ferns are popping up everywhere ...

And there were several roses blooming on the arbor ...

I will never cease to be amazed at how raindrops defy the laws of gravity ...

This rose, in particular, caught my eye. I love the contrast between what remains of its faded petals and the tightly wound new buds, which will probably begin to unfurl their petals later today.

My cobalt gazing ball stands at the end of the path ...

I love gazing balls and at the risk of being "tacky," would like to have several different colors ... perhaps ruby red, and purple and gold (we're LSU fans).

I stopped at the end of the path, and stood for a moment enjoying the stillness and the lush greenness of everything around me.

I love taking pictures right after it rains. There's no glare or shadows to worry about ... just raindrops and puddles, and me and my camera.

And, as I said at the beginning of this story ... I was, indeed, in my glory.


C. M. Designs said...

You have a beautiful sanctuary in your back yard Janie.. Just love to see your pictures..
I will be watching, along with you, for some baby geese. :O)
Have a splendid day. Charlotte in Va.

racheld said...

Rainy day perfection, and such a lovely tour.

And you began with one of my own Mother's sayings, "I was just IN MY GLORY."

LindaG said...

You have a lovely yard, and obviously a great eye for decoration as well as green fingers.
Thanks for sharing your walk with us! :o)

Dorothy said...

Oh, My! What gorgeous pictures of your yard!!!!! I used to have a waterfall like that. Makes me sad that I no longer have it:-(
Somebody must work hard to keep your yard so perfect!

Glenda said...

Oh my! You have a beautiful, beautiful garden - and so well tended! I'd spend many pleasant hours there! I always enjoy the freshness of a rain, which we have been blessed with lately.

Sue said...

What a beautiful serene place you have Janie, I see where you get so much inspiration. You have some of my favorite flowers too.I always enjoy a walk after a rain, where the earth has been refreshed. Thank you for sharing.

busanalayali said...

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Tonja said...

Your artistry extends beyond the camera! Your garden is so beautiful. And, it's easy to see it is tended to with love. Else why would it grow and shine it's glory for all to see? Love taking this walk with you!

PS...saw the pics of the granchildren on FB. My! they are precious! I know you could eat them right up!

Blessings to you!