Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet Magnolias

Last Friday morning I went out in search of magnolias to photograph, and my search ended at one of my favorite places in Vicksburg — the Old Court House Museum.

The day was absolutely perfect for being out and about taking pictures — there was a gentle breeze stirring the sweet scent of the magnolias above my head, and, just when I thought, "It doesn't get any better than this" ... the church bells a few blocks away chimed the ten o'clock hour by playing hymns. All was right with the world, and my heart was overflowing with pleasure and thankfulness that I could be where I was at that moment in time.

The court house is surrounded by huge magnolia trees, some of which are probably at least 100 years old.

Their age and their history are revealed in their gnarled trunks and heavy, twisted limbs ...

If only they could share that history with us.

Most of the blooms were above my head and I used my zoom lens to get these pictures.

This bud was at the top of one of the trees, basking in the sun. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the center, which reminds me of a flame.

I have always thought that faded magnolia blossoms have a beauty all their own. These two, in particular, caught my attention ...

I have photographed the magnificent old courthouse many, many times and always seem to find lagniappe of some kind, just waiting for me to discover it. I was delighted to come upon a little clump of Daisies soaking up the sunshine, and couldn't resist stopping to capture some of that sunshine with my camera.

Are those not the happiest little flowers you've ever seen! I think if there was a beauty contest with flowers as the contestants, daisies would win the "Miss Congeniality" title. They should have "smiley faces!"

I hope you will join me next time as I venture inside the courthouse, which I've never done before. Should be interesting!


Dorothy said...

Those are some awesome Magnolia pictures!!! I like your ides of smiley faces on the Daisies! They DO look happy!

Glenda said...

Gorgeous photos - both the magnolias and the daisies! You are right: the dying blooms have their own special beauty. I'm really partial to daisies; they were our wedding flower 40 years ago, so I love the smiley faces!

Thank you for leaving kind words on my blog!

racheld said...

Just perfect---from pristine bud to creamy, waxy perfection to a golden lotus bruised and dying---absolutely amazing.

And I think I love the old gnarl and bark of the tree---older than we, and wiser I'm sure---equally with the beauty of the blooms.

Sue said...

Beautiful photos Janie, Magnolias are one of my favorite blooms and I would be thinking "Does it get any better than this" too! You indeed have some wonderful sites to photograph in your area. Looking forward to seeing inside the court house, I know that will be a treat. Thanks for sharing, your talent.

LindaG said...

I always think the same thing about our oak trees.
Or our farmhouse.
I wish they could talk.

You took a lot of gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us! :o)